I watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight. Its definitely a guilty pleasure. While I know that my “higher self” should stay away from so much drama, when it comes to this show, I just ignore her.

When they first showed Allison Dubois at Camille’s house she looked so normal.  And by normal I mean, well, NOT CRAZY. I was so hoping that she would be awesome. Wow, I was sadly mistaken. As a reader, I often get uncomfortable when someone calls me psychic as I consider myself more “intuitive.” I’ve experienced some “psychics” who were very deceptive and also so after the money that I myself steered away from aligning myself to anything of the sort. I didn’t know that Allison Dubois has also declared this as well. Kindred spirits? I think not. If you watched the show you saw that she was strange from the start. Inappropriate comments eventually turned into extremely rude and then actually kind of evil declarations. She sat in her chair with a sense of cockiness and “knowing” and with her strange fake cigarette, acted as if her title of “medium” made her better and smarter than everyone. While I of course believe in being able to “read” people it doesn’t work like that. You can’t just be at a party and declare you know when everyone in a person’s family is going to die or say that you hope that when their kids disappear they won’t be able to call you (and then actually act gleeful about that. REALLY?!). The worst part was actually after the BH women left and the vitriolic conversation kept going. Really Allison? While you sat there predicting when Kyle’s husband would cheat on her, did you also divulge to Camille that Kelsey was already living with his new girlfriend? Those kind of irresponsible declarations of predictions really make other intuitives look bad. And while it might make for “good TV” as Camille said on Watch What Happens, its very, very sad.

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  1. Julie Rosenthal says:

    Hello. After watching the BH housewives show last night I felt like I just got dumped. I have been a huge fan of the well known medium Allison Du Bois. I am totally let down by her evil behavior. I can’t believe someone who can work so closely with the angelic world would say such things such as ” I know when she is going to die or I wouldn’t help her if her kids went missing.” I don’t think someone who works with Angels would say something so far from the light. I will never buy another book of hers or log on to her website again. I guess money. fame and a sense of power can turn even the most light filled loving person into an arrogant mean sophomoric person.

    • lisette says:

      i could have written this post! i used to think what a beautiful person she was. now i think she just sucks. i knew she was limited, because we are not really the heaven of the dead…there is much more beyond than just hanging around us…! but this was plain ugly “you are washed’re nothing!”. what kind of person says that type of thing? i love that faye; “ew! is this what you do?”

      • Julie Rose says:

        Thanks so much for your comment. I haven’t seen the episode in a while but her terrible energy still bothers me. She’s troubled and it frightens me that people seek her for assistance.

  2. Julie Rose says:

    Hi Julie! First of all wow! Our names are almost the same (Julie Rose & Julie Rosenthal) Thanks so much for your post. I was so disturbed last night I found it hard to sleep. I agree with your comment 100%. Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. How sad. I completely agree! Having been a fan of the TV show “Medium” from the beginning, I expected the “real” Allison to be kind, empathetic, and a healing presence. Boy was I fooled! Talk about fiction! Having been an “intuitive reader” in the past, I got away from it because people gave me too much power in their lives. They wanted to know things that even if I did have access to the information they sought, I would hesitate to tell. I did it because I believed my gifts would be best used in empowering people and wanted to share the love and joy I had experienced being in conscious communication with angelic beings. What I found was a lot of people hungry or drunk with power, wanting to control others or elevate themselves beyond human with their sense of their own “power” to the detriment and subservience of others. (Not everyone, but too many for me to feel safe and honest).

    You have to be pure of heart and deeply humble to work with those energies in public and have people seek you out for your abilities. I saw many great intuitives get lost in their own PR and/or begin to exhibit a “Messiah Complex” or “Anointed by God.” So I decided to “privatize” my spirituality and I went back into the real estate business where at least people are real in their greed and competitiveness or they don’t make it “God’s will” when they screw you. Also, I could feel I made a tangible difference in someone’s life. (I didn’t have to disappoint them by telling them they may not win the lottery or I didn’t know about their soulmate etc.) Although I actually had clients ask me that, For Allison DuBois to say she knows when someone is going to die is the height of arrogance and she doesn’t deserve to have the abilities she professes to have. Or maybe she crossed over to the “Dark side” after having been at one time a “Yoda”, her fame and fortune went to her head and now she’s a “Darth Vader.” If she is really that person that appeared on “Housewives,” and not the delightful person played by Patricia Arquette, I have a hard time watching the show any longer and I’m glad it is canceled. She is nothing but a pitiful, sad person who is even more delusional than Camille and as pitiful as Darth Vader when he took off his mask in the end.

  4. Thank you for this post. I feel the same way. Allison DuBois put an awful stain on our type line of work. This is NOT the way a professional should act. I was absolutely horrified and had to blog about it too. I really don’t want people to get the perception that all of us are like that.

    Most of the psychics, tarot readers and spiritual people I know are warm and down to earth.

    She does NOT represent us.

  5. I remember a long time ago it either being referenced on the show or somewhere else that “Allison” drank because it allowed her head to be quiet, kept the spirits out. Dunno how true that is, but she clearly has a drinking problem. I had a father that got nasty when he drank, I can spot an alcoholic in seconds.

    I’m wondering if this isn’t the reason that “Medium” was canceled. As we all know, these shows are recorded ahead of time, so just like the mess with the Salahi’s, things in reality television hit the news before the show airs. I’m guessing CBS knew there was going to be fallout from this episode. I wasn’t even done watching when I removed “Medium” from my DVR line-up.

    I feel that Camille had Allison there intentionally as back-up. She knows how her friend gets when she drinks, and that’s not someone I would have invited to a party where there is going to be someone I just had a fight with. She had those huge, strong drinks also, again, knowing how her friend gets after a bit of booze. Intention is everything.

    She was being so snotty when she was talking about how if she taps someone she can see if they have mother issues, and if their husband is cheating on them and then made the comment about Kyle being more comfortable with men – she was so drunk she didn’t know she had ‘tapped’ into her bestest pal! And that should have been the first hint to Camille that Khal-saaay was perhaps not as committed as he should be.

    DuBois proved herself to be a huge disappointment, and a real bitch.

  6. Thanks for this post Stephani!

  7. I was appalled by what went on last night. Camille deliberately set up her friend for a fall in order to hurt another person. She didn’t care a whit that her ‘friends’ reputation (deserved or not) would be ruined on national television, as long as it served the purpose of placing doubt in Kyle’s mind about her family life….which is what Camille is so darned jealous of.

    What a witch for doing so, for plying a known alcoholic friend with strong drinks knowing (and announcing in advance) that she will behave so badly.

    And I might add, what a witch for announcing a ‘friends’ issues and resultant behavior when using alcohol on national television.

    That is private and between the friends. I hope that Alison saw this episode sober. I hope she realizes she needs serious help, that her reputation is trashed, and she has her ‘friend’ to thank for setting her up..

    Alison is really, really pathetic. She’s not a real person, she’s a caricature of her own invention because she’s so lost. Looks like she’s vying to be cast as another housewife. Be careful what you wish for.

  8. Razzie Fizzie says:

    i usually take reality shows with a grain of salt …. just as a diversion to forget about a husband deployed to the war or to have a good escape but last night’s RH of BH was something that brought me off my feet, angered me to no end and truly turned my stomach for how this ‘self appointed’ medium behaved.

    i know a handful of people that are blessed (sometimes cursed as they say) with the gift but not one would EVER even think of using it against someone to harm, embarrass or belittle them even after quite a few beverages. they have been in that situation of getting a reading off someone that is not pleasant and unless it’s threatening to the person against their life, they say nothing. if it is revealed what they do in mixed company, they offer their card, their time for another place but not then, not even off in a private room down the hall.

    i find it more than a coincidence that NBC cancelled “The Medium” this week. NBC owns Bravo – who of course airs RH of BH and NBC was the original channel for “The Medium”. Now CBS has picked it up but a good reason not to watch it there either for me.

    Seems to me the top brass of the network was advised to view this episode before it aired on national TV and did damage control before the backlash could hit against “The Medium” and the outrage over Allison.

    Of course Camille’s people and Allison’s people are going into overdrive to do damage control for this but this is beyond an apology that Camille so weakly conjured up probably typed by her attorney.

    If I were Kyle’s husband that relies on his reputation for integrity for his business, I would make sure my attorneys contacted Miss Medium and Miss Soon To Be Ex Grammer and processed the law to the fullest extent for slander and defamation of character.

    Thank you for your insight on this. It is nice to hear from someone in this field let the rest of us know what we saw was the nightmare we all thought it was.

  9. Las Vegas Reader says:

    It’s unfortunate that someone with so much talent would use
    it to spew such hurtful comments filled with hate. I believe
    Allison’s ego is very out of check and instead of being kind,
    considerate and healing (as most psychics are) I found her to be
    quite the opposite. It’s too bad, because she has turned off a
    large segment of the population that might have been open to work
    like hers. Mediumship is a gift, it is not to be used for personal
    gain nor to speak unkindly predictions to another. We are all on a
    spiritual journey whether we realize it not but clearly, Allison
    still has a long way to go to find the light.

  10. Interesting – Alison Dubois posted this “disclaimer” (excuse) on her site:

    “I aired in an episode of HW of BH that was to say the least, in my opinion, recklessly edited and was not representative of what actually happened that night nor who I am. I was there only as support for my friend Camille who had told me how painful her interaction with the other housewives was and it was making her physically ill. I’m very protective of my friends/family and was there to support my friend.”

    • Julie Rose says:

      Thanks for posting this Tarot Lady ;-) While I do believe that TV shows like this get edited a certain way to tell a story or create drama, the things that were appalling were the things that actually came out of AD’s mouth. Even with editing, she STILL SAID THOSE AWFUL THINGS! No matter how much I would want to defend someone I love, I would not choose to say the things that she said that evening. And I want to make that clear, the words and phrases that came out of her mouth were HER CHOICE. Not the choice of the editors.

  11. Well, I guess I have a different outlook on the subject
    than the rest of you posting here. When watching episodes of the BV
    Housewives, it is clear to me that Kyle has a problem with Camille.
    Watch closely, she rolls her eyes alot whenever Camille speaks. Her
    jealousy is so obvious to me. As far as Allison goes and what she
    said, who are any of you to judge. Show me one person who has said
    something they wish they wouldn’t have. It has happened to each and
    every one of us. Shame on all you who judge and also to you tarot
    lady for devoting this much time to picking apart someone’s

  12. Interesting…. funny how my post does not appear on this
    sight. I guess if you don’t have something bad to say about Allison
    or Camille, your comments aren’t worthy….

    • Julie Rose says:

      Hello Roberta, this blog does not automatically post comments, instead waits until I receive them for approval. So I think you jumped to your own conclusions there. Everyone is free to make their own comments as long as they aren’t offensive. Thanks for your post.

  13. Hi there! Whats funny about Allison is that if she truly is “psychic” she was reading CAMILLE not KYLE!! Hahahahaha!!

  14. I have been so disturbed by Allison Dubois demeanor, comments and general attitude from that Dinner at Camile Grammers that I am certain she has become a victim of her occupation. I, like others, also possess abilities to know about people but the ugliness and venom Allison displayed was a reflection of those in the room. Poor thing is very messed up and unprotected from the nasty world.

  15. I am so glad to see that I am not the only viewer who had such a strong reaction to Allison Dubois’s behavior! I was afraid I was overreacting when I cancelled my “season pass” to Medium! I used to LOVE that show and after watching this episode of RHBH I couldn’t watch Patricia portraying Allison Dubois without getting angry all over again. I’m not a psychic but I have to ask myself if Kelsey insisted that Camille join the cast of RHBH so his fans and the general public would see Camille for who she really is! Had I not watched her and gotten to “know” I’m quite sure I would think Kelsey was a heartless, evil, cheater and would of routed for Camille to take his money and burn his clothes burn his clothes. Thanks to Camille’s charming personality and wonderful choice of friends I’m for team Kelsey!

  16. Youre nothing youve done nothing as she flips people off with her miffle finger and then uses a hand job motion. who is this chick? from the gutter? hateful unkind mean ..a mean drunk okay but most people go yo a medium out of pain grief and are in a fragile place, looking for support and healing words i get it she wasnt there to give readings and with alcoloh it is noy professional or appropriate ever. still she was so in kind and vulgar low class no class. i was seriously wanting to go to one of her events for personal reasons no way now.

  17. margaret anne says:

    I watch this show when I’m on the elliptical so I’ve seen season 1 twice now and the second time, I really aimed to hone in on the fine nuances one might glean to better understand a person. I agree with everyone’s disappointment on this site (esp. in terms of what Irene wrote about the necessity for kindness and humility in this realm and many of Julia Rose’s/Rosenthal’s comments), however I appreciated Roberta’s take as well. My view having witnessed them all is that AD was correct in her assessment that Kyle is a conspirator and I agreed with her sentiment on Kim and on what a shame it is that Kyle bullies her. I do think she made some low blows *but* as Roberta mentioned, who hasn’t been guilty of saying things we regret later? The first time I watched the series I thought Camille was ridiculous–to ridiculous to even spend time analyzing! but the 2nd time, I was thinking that she’s probably accustomed to being treated like royalty and while she said some laughable comments, my intuition is that her nature is good. She doesn’t seem to know how to relate very well to women but I’d sit on her lap in a heartbeat if I were a cat or dog (as animals can be the most intuitive) over Kyles’ or Taylors’. I also think there is something to be said for AD going to bat for her friend. That is loyalty and she risked her reputation to stand up for her and I think that takes real heart and empathy. It’s clear to me AD was reacting to their ill motives and therefore perhaps instigated a war by her (self-fulfilling?)prophecy at the table but I think she’s so sensitive that she was naturally reactive and we just saw her human side. She’s a psychic, not God, right? I can’t totally defend her because I didn’t like a lot of her low blows, but I think she was sensing some of Camille’s ill-intentioned castmates’ un-Godly intentions. I don’t like that she suck low to make such jabs at Kyle but I think people ought to cut her a little slack just for being human and for protecting her friend at the risk of her own reputation.

  18. margaret anne says:

    woops! *to should be “too” and *suck should have been ‘sunk’ :)I also want to just quickly add that when I wrote, “un-Godly” that I mean more to connote taking the high road instead of a broken, human road. AD should have done that but she didn’t and maybe she is not so emotionally intelligent or maybe she was just too sensitive as psychics are. I also want to add that we as humans are all broken–everyone from the editors editing the show, camille, Kelsey (for cheating–not okay under any circumstances when married in my view) and the entire cast. It is odd that AD didn’t pick up on that, but I’m wondering if maybe she did and we just don’t know. And now she’s claiming that it’s ‘hard for her to see the truth of her good friends’ because she was psychics to BOTH Camille and Kelsey–she probably didn’t know what to do. All this said, I want to jump into the TV at times and give Kim a huge hug because she truly was bullied so bad. Everyone has their issues but these girls were inexcusable. In the last 2 episodes, Kyle sees Kim leaving the party by herself, in tears having just witnessed Taylor emotionally picking on her/stirring shit up, and she pretends later that she had no idea her sister left? Then bullies more in the limo?? Who does that? also- Kyle also *did* sneak in her apology to Camille in Vegas, “you don’t have to be insecure” and I thought there was some ill will there. An apology should be sincere and true and that was a bit low/unnecessary and as AD said, conspiratory (sp?) I thought. I think AD was dead on in seeing Kyle as the main bullie and for getting that Taylor is really not Camille’s friend. I think Taylor is the most cold among all of them but not as intelligent as Kyle to be the true instigator.

  19. margaret anne says:

    Truly, my last comment now! I will say Camille said some absurd things throughout the entire series and that she is probably very insecure. My view, is who cares? And I agree with Lisa–though AD was “off the clock”, she was described as a psychic when introduced, and just as one would ask a doctor about something, it’s only natural and probably polite for them to have inquired about AD’s job, etc. And I feel that Camille and AD started it all at the table—there was no real olive branch extended! So all in all, I think it’s very complicated but I will agree with you all that a medium should and ought to represent the light, not ugly human darkness. I would have expected more from AD–it does seem Hollywood has gone to her head and that she acts like an almighty judge. The cigarette thing was just plain dorky and fodder for the other girls to laugh at. In conclusion, I do think she was right on her calls as to the motives of some of them, but she did, yes, sink way way too low with her comments. I think her intent was justice but later on her comments were so mean it spoke about her character and I was not too pleased.

  20. margaret anne says:

    I lied. Here I am again after trying to delete the above (ocd night tonight, apparently). The more I think about it, and having just read this,

    the more I think Camille and AD did not have the best intentions and that AD has an inflated ego and was way over-confident that night. I think Camille is just upset that she is losing in this ridiculous female war.

    I agree with Adrienne–this kind of petty fighting only sets women back. Also, I think I have to recant the dog/cat statement. I would sit on Kim, Lisa’s or Adrienne’s laps and i’d be happy to be Jiggy on that note;) I am officially obsessed and must get off this site and now wondering whether I’m as crazy as AD!?? haha I’m not, just got sucked into this show like no other.

  21. Allison Dubois is not a Psychic, she is a witch, the only thing that she is missing is the black cat, she simply the daughter of lucifer, I would stay away from her!
    As for Camile, she is just has an inferiority complex, poor rich girl…. I do not think we will be seeing her in the next golden glove.

  22. Wow, this is such an interesting blog. For some reason, that RHOBH episode was on my mind today and I wondered what psychics thought of her behavior. (I, too, watch this show. It’s the only one of the series that I watch). I know I’m long overdue for these thoughts…….I guess it was quite awhile back.

    After reading the comments, I realize that everyone is rather shocked by her. That surprises me a little because many of these TV psychics have lost something in the pursuit of their 15 minutes of fame. I can’t believe anyone takes Sylvia or John Edwards seriously after they’ve seen one of their TV performances. Why would Allison be any different?

    I don’t agree with those of you that use this comment section to take the focus off of Allison’s words, intentions and behavior. And for someone to defend her by saying we all have done that. Excuse me, we have not all done that on TV; and I can honestly say I’ve never wished bad on someone’s child or been gleeful at the thought of refusing to help them.

    I hope those of you that are not famous psychics are content. If you ever long for a little fame, remind yourself of these folks.

    Great Blog!!

  23. This blog has lots of really useful stuff on it! Thanks for informing me.

    • Julie Rose says:

      Thanks for reading my blog! I appreciate your comment- so nice of you! Please follow me on Twitter @LiveLoveTarot and like my page on FB Live.Love.Tarot if you feel inclined ;-)

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