I have client who is great at manifesting.  When she wants something it usually shows up for her in some way.   She attracted the most amazing job, she created an amazing life for herself in LA, and she was feeling really confident about herself.  Her next focus was on manifesting an ideal relationship.  So she dated several people while working to attract “the one.”  She started dating a guy from work who seemed to fit many of her requirements except that he wasn’t as adventurous as she would like him to be.   Soon enough it started to get old for her that he wasn’t as open as she wanted.  She came to me and told me she wanted to stop seeing him.   In fact she met someone who she worked with (who also worked with this guy), that she wanted to date instead.  Tricky situation!  We did a reading which said she should wait until after the holidays to break it off with him.  Right before the holidays came he told her that he just wanted to be friends.  Instead of letting her ego get to her (some people don’t like to be rejected even if they didn’t want that person) she saw it as a blessing that he chose to break up with her.  We talked about how the Universe brought her what she wanted because it also allowed her to be free to date the other coworker since the first guy was the one that broke up with her!

So she dated the second guy and they had a nice relationship for 6 months.  But eventually things started going south with this relationship because even though she really liked him there were things about the relationship that weren’t quite right and he wasn’t as ambitious as she would want him to be.  She was planning on moving to San Francisco to go back to school and he was going to move there to be with her but she didn’t know if that is what she wanted. The readings showed that they would break up but she didn’t know how she would do it since she did like him and didn’t want to hurt him.  So she prayed on it and waited for an answer to come.  One month before she was going to move he got an offer to go work in Wisconsin where he used to work before they met.  He loved it there and the job offer was a really good one.  So even though he wanted to be with her, he really felt that going to Wisconsin was the best opportunity for him.  Again, the Universe intervened and she didn’t have to be the one who told him not to go to San Francisco with her.

So now she’s in San Francisco and going to school and dating and getting clear on who she wants to attract in her life.  She’s a great example of how you just have to have faith that the Universe will provide you the answers you need.  I think its pretty amazing that it all worked out for her!



{Tarot Tuesday} the Hermit – this card shows up to tell you that it’s time to step back and be alone to think about your life. Introspection is the key word here. What is working and what isn’t working? What needs to happen to make things “right”? This is a spiritual card that also suggests that you discover your motivations and priorities in life. Take time out now to find answers.


Are you ready to take action?

Each of my Manifesting Groups and Workshops are designed to help you focus on what you really want to achieve and then help you move towards those desires.
I combine my experience as a business coach with my counseling + psychology background along with my skills as an intuitive Tarot reader to help my clients achieve clarity, create a solid plan and take action to manifest their ideal lives.  By working in a group setting  you’ll be part of an exclusive community in which you and the other members get the opportunity to learn from each other’s challenges and successes.  Another positive aspect is the possibility to form collaborations and extend your network.  Group and Workshop members have been known to create strong support systems and lasting friendships

Manifesting Your Ideal Life: 6 Week Program 

This 6-Week Group focuses on helping people get clear on where they are in their lives now and where they want to be.  When you choose to join the group, you’ll how see the energy and movement of each person, positively and significantly impacts your experience.  The Program focuses on various aspects of life in areas such as LOVE, CAREER/BUSINESS, LIFE BALANCE, and CAREER TRANSITION. Within the group each participant experiences a phenomenal amount of development towards clarifying and achieving goals. This growth, while felt spiritually and energetically, is also measurable and specific towards your goals.​

How do you know if the 6-Week Manifesting Program is right for you?

-You’ve always been great at creating your life, but lately you feel “stuck”
-You don’t really know what you want to do with your life, you just know you don’t want to be where you are now
-You have dreams of creating a new business but don’t know how to start
-Other people around you seem to have more passion in what they are doing
-You can ‘t remember what excites you anymore
-You’ve been “working hard” in a career you love but you don’t seem to be progressing
-You know what you want and where you want to be in life, you just aren’t sure how to get there.
-You want a fully expressed life filled with love and passion 

If any of these things resonate with you and you feel ready to start a new journey, then this is the PERFECT time to join the Program.  At the start of group, all my clients have felt some form of these things too.
Now?  They can all tell you that they have created an exciting new reality for themselves

My Clients Include:   *Attorneys * Artists * Actors * Writers * Entrepreneurs * Musicians * Scientists * Sales and Marketing Execs * Business Coaches * Teachers *Talent Agents * TV Hosts * Directors * Producers * Teachers * Wealth Advisors * Real Estate Agents  

and more…Basically they are all amazing people who want to push their self created limits to go for MORE for their lives.

How it Works: 

Group sessions are 90 Minutes and held once a week.

The Cost for the 6 Week Group is $299 (reg. $349)   paypal button

During the 6 Week Sessions You Will:

-Find out what’s blocking you from moving forward

Receive personalized ACTION ITEMS based on your goals

– Participate in GROUP & INDIVIDUAL EXERCISES to open up your manifesting energy

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS and receive clarification of next actions to be taken

– Receive a WEEKLY TAROT CARD READING to assess your status and energy of the week

Contact me at   (310) 916-9576  or email me at livelovetarot@ymail.com to find out when the next 6 Week Manifesting Group is starting ​​​​​​​​​​


women happy drinking

“Oooh, the Lovers! We know what that means!” The whole group giggles with excitement as I begin to tell them how the Lovers pertains to this particular reading.

In the past few months I’ve booked some very cool VIP Tarot Parties, set in beautiful homes  or luxurious LA locations like a secluded beach or swank hotel.  Most of the groups are made up of sophisticated, attractive and successful women looking to have some insight on their lives while enjoying the company of friends and a glass or two of bubbly. 

My VIP Tarot Parties usually begin with me getting clarity from the group on their intentions for the day and an explanation on how to get the best readings.  For those that request it, I offer a Mini Manifesting Session prior to the readings to help each of them get clear on what they want to attract and the best way to manifest it. These women aren’t new to the manifesting game, most of them are already living some amazing lives as producers, entrepreneurs, artists, etc…  they just feel stuck, want to get to their next phase or maybe just need to add some passion into the mix.  

There are two ways to have a VIP Tarot Party, 1) Set up a private area in which each person rotates to get a short private reading while the rest of the group eats, drinks and mingles.  And for the more open (and brave) 2) The Party is set up  in a group setting, like a living room or large dining table in which everyone is present as each person gets their reading.  In this way, friends get an opportunity to chime in about each person’s reading, sometimes providing further insight to what they believe the card means to the situation.  While both options are fun, the latter is usually more intense, and can create  deeper bonding among friends. There’s usually some crying happening too but surrounded by lots of support and love. 

I’ve received some great feedback from Tarot Party attendees, they tell me that weeks and months later they’re still talking about the insight they gained and the fun they had.  I love that! A few of the  groups I now meet with once a year so they can set new intentions and get clarity for their latest projects and passions.

Want to know how you can set up your own VIP Tarot Party?  Click on the image below and get the deets!



This Holiday Season, Give Your Friends the Gift of Love!


Buy them a Live.Love.Tarot Session

I know lots of you have that friend and/or family member who, while being a really lovely person, just can’t seem to attract that special someone.   You know they’re smart, attractive and caring, but as far as their dating options, you don’t count.  So your person is out there, in the cold, dreary dating world with not a “real” prospect in sight.

But, are they really trying, or are they sabotaging themselves?  What’s really in the way? That’s a really great question.  And something that a Tarot Reading from Live.Love.Tarot can help discover. 

What’s awesome about gifting your friends a Tarot Reading is that the session doesn’t have to just focus on love.  Your gift can help them find answers about career, money and all sorts of other issues that stump them.

Gift Certificate - 60 Minute sample

And the other, even cooler part?  If you buy them a Live.Love.Tarot Gift Certificate between November 25th – December 31st you get a gift too!  For every 30 Minute Session you buy for a friend, you get 1 free  Tarot Question by Email valued at $25.  If you buy a 60 Minute Session you get 2!

Buy today then contact me (310) 619-9576 or livelovetarot@ymai.com  to create your certificate to give the gift of LOVE this season.



I am so excited about a new Tarot project I’ve been working on!  I’ve recently commissioned a very talented artist, Michael Shirley, to design a set of Tarot cards for me.  I’d love to share a sneak peek and while giving you a Tarot Tuesday Card of the Day!

The Judgement card shows up to tell you to take some time out for self reflection. Its your time to move forward to a new, more elevated phase in your life, but before that happens take the opportunity now to stop and think about lessons learned. What are the things you want to leave behind and what do you want to take with you as you start a new chapter in your life? Are there people you can choose to forgive, are there some shifts in outlook and emotions that are important to make? Often this is the stage of creating deeper awareness and paradigm shifts. Let go of unnecessary “baggage” and create space for new memories ~ you’re about to begin your exciting new journey!



Did you know there is a very powerful day in which the Sun and Jupiter are BOTH in Leo creating a unique opportunity to shine and enjoy amazing rewards from taking risks and going after your dreams? TODAY is that day! This is a perfect time for you focus and take action to create a life you’ve always wanted.  Nidhi, my colleague of Bliss by Numbers and I had an awesome online workshop on Monday in which we revealed some special tips for our participants to take advantage of this supercharged energy.  Here is a shortcut version of our event.

1. Clear Your Emotional Space.
Before you begin the manifestation process for The Luckiest Day of the Year, its important for you to let go of all your yucky negative beliefs around your ability to be happy. One of the best ways is to first see and understand the blocks in your way. Once you do this, you can then ask the Universe for guidance to clear those blocks that keep you from believing in your awesomeness. You may be having negative thoughts because of the challenges that you’ve been experiencing lately. You want to re evaluate those challenges to see why the Universe had brought them to you. Maybe you’ve been guided to the relationship that brings up all your negative stuff so that you have to finally heal your fear of abandonment. Or maybe you lost your job because you weren’t even happy anymore but just staying for fear of change and the Universe felt you needed a push. You need to trust that these challenges, however tough at times, are incredible opportunities for you to clean your energy and create space to call in what you desire.
WHAT TO DO: Say a “prayer” asking the Universe to set you free from all the limiting beliefs that block you from believing in your greatness. Once you have said your prayer believe that its working and that you are now releasing the limiting beliefs you’ve been holding on to about yourself. Act as if you now have that positive mindset you need to start attracting things you want.

2. Clear Your Physical Space.
Clearing your space means getting rid of things in your life that you no longer need so that you can open up space for new exciting things that you need and want now. You may have items that have been put away but never used – GET RID OF THEM! This is a perfect way to open the space for more abundance in your life. The clutter in your bedroom often represents a blockage in your love life. If you hold onto pictures of your former lover for whom you still have some sort of attachment, that may be the reason why you haven’t attracted another love in a long time. You may wonder why you are not more abundant in your finances. If you hold on to items because in some way you believe there is not enough or there is some thought of lack behind it, then this may cause a blockage in you experiencing more financial prosperity.
WHAT TO DO: Take a moment to choose a room or area in your house in which you would like to clear some space. Once you’ve chosen an area, use your phone or some sort of timing device to allot about 20-30 minutes for clearing. Take a bag and start placing things that you no longer want into it to clear space. You may want to have two bags, one for trash and the other to give to charity. Once the timer is up, stop. You’ve now created energetic space for things to come into your life.

3. Show Some Gratitude
Gratitude is an important aspect in raising your vibration and aligning you with the things you want to attract. We should all take time to stop and be thankful for what has been already been brought into our lives. Don’t you notice that the most unhappy, frowny-faced people are the ones who only want to focus on what’s bad and irritating about their lives? I’m sure you’ve also noticed that it doesn’t feel good to be around them. Their vibrations are just so low, that often being around them energetically feels painful. I just know that you aren’t one of those people because you know that focusing on what’s good ESPECIALLY in hard times is the best choice of action. Why? Because the more you focus on what’s good, the stronger your ability to attract more of that good stuff. Conversely, if you choose to focus on what sucks, you’ll just get more of that.
The Universe gives back more to those who show appreciation, the next time you have a problem or you find yourself struggling with something. Instead of struggling and becoming emotionally involved with your difficulty just calm down and ask your mind and the Universe for help.

WHAT TO DO: Write down 5 things you are grateful for. If any of them include people, take time today to contact those people (email, text, in person…) to tell them you are grateful for them and why. My suggestion is to include at least 2 people on your list today. The more people you positively connect with on The Luckiest Day of the Year, the better!

4. Get Crazy Clear About What You Want, Then Ask the Universe For It.
When you are at a restaurant, you don’t tell the waiter, “ummm I just want some sort of meat thing.” No, I’m pretty sure you tell them exactly what you want. You probably add even more specifics like “salad on the side, add lemon and no dressing.” Asking the Universe for what you want is just like that only what’s even cooler is that you can say at the end of your request “this or better” and the Universe might just give you an up-leveled VIP surprise! Why? Because the Universe, unlike you and your limited experiences, knows what else is out there, and may feel that something even more awesome is what you really need now.
For The Luckiest Day of the Year, its important to keep focused on what you want to ask, so I would suggest picking 1 or 2 things that you want to put your full manifesting energy towards today.
WHAT TO DO: Think about what you want to attract – is it love or a new job?…are you feeling bold enough to ask for both? Once you have decided, get VERY specific about what you want. Imagine it in your mind, see the details. Think about what it will feel like and even what it may sound like. Once you can fully imagine it, tell the Universe about it, then say “I want this or better”

5. Accept and Say Thank You.
The final step in attracting what you want is to believe that these actions you have taken will now allow for the things you want (or better) to come to you.
WHAT TO DO: Choose a peaceful environment for you to sit quietly to meditate for about 5-10 minutes. The space doesn’t need to be very large – a walk-in closet or even your office can be used for meditation, as long as it’s somewhere private. Now imagine that the things that you have asked for today are arriving at your door. If its love, you can imagine a representation of love such as cupid or a heart. You can also imagine a person but you don’t have to have a clear image of them. If it’s a job, it may be someone at the door with an offer. Whatever form you choose to use, imagine that you allow yourself to accept. Now, tell the Universe “Thank you!” You can add more to it, such as “Thank you, Universe for sending me the love I deserve” or “Thank you, Universe for sending me my dream job!” Whatever you choose, just know that the last step in manifesting on The Luckiest Day of the Year is accepting and saying thank you!

Birthday Pic

In my world, Birthdays are such a big deal. Maybe its because I’m both a Leo astrologically and a “3” in numerology which means I’m a double dose (times a thousand) of good times, friends and fun.  So I celebrate ALL MONTH.  Yes, all month.

 But I’ve come across some people who don’t look forward to birthdays (huh?).  Even if its an age thing (yes, getting older can feel daunting) birthdays are a great way to mark new beginnings.  If life has been challenging lately, how about stopping pre birthday, to look at the lessons learned and think about you would like to see for your next year?  What about using your birthday so declare big positive changes and then actually take the action to do them for the next year?  You can do fun things like make each Birthday Year a theme.  The Year of Living Lusciously.  The Year of World Travel.  The Year of Me!

Whatever it is, make it special.  Make it AWESOME.

If you or someone special to you has a birthday coming up a Tarot reading is the perfect gift to give.  Through your special Birthday Tarot Reading you’ll get clarity on what’s been holding you back from having that fabulous life you know you’re meant to be living.  You’ll get insight on lessons of your past year.  You’ll also get to see what kinds of exciting and possibly scary stuff  is in store for you for in this new Birthday cycle.   You will receive a  detailed Tarot Reading Report based on what we have uncovered to use as a guideline and incentive for an incredible new year.


Birthday Gift


Whether for a friend and certainly for you, a Tarot Reading & Coaching Session provides the ultimate gift: Amazing insight and clarity regarding past and current blocks and issues. Most importantly, it provides real tools to harness your unique talents and gifts and pave the road to your immediate future and fully realized destiny.


• 60 Minute Reading & Coaching (in person or via phone)

• Birthday Reading Report . Includes Summaries on each reading – General, Love Life, Career Outlook, Challenges and Strengths, New Birthday Year Out look, as well as Key Points, Action Steps and Strategies.

• Follow Up 2 Questions Tarot by Email 


DoubtingAs a Tarot Reader/Coach I come across so many people who tell me they want this or they want that.  I think its awesome.  I love when clients have clear goals.  That’s Part 1 of Manifesting.  Be clear on what you want.  The tricky part comes next.   What are you doing about it? 

You say you want to have love in your life. You want a partner who is smart, loving, confident, loyal and supportive.  YAY!  So why are you still sleeping with the Man-Child who openly tells you that he doesn’t want a girlfriend?  Why are you so reluctant to do things that will help you meet new people (being set up, online dating, etc)?  What are you doing to make sure that you’re the type of person who would attract such a fabulous partner? 

You say you want to have a successful career in acting. You want to be on a hit TV show, attract a well established agent and you want to be nominated someday.  COOL!  So why aren’t you improving your craft? Why are you going out and getting drunk instead of networking? Why are telling people its “hard” instead of finding solutions to make it easier? Why aren’t you consistently doing something every day that takes you closer to where you want to be? 

When working with clients, I try to help them focus on what they need to do to get them to where they want to be.  Yes, its great to know what you want.  But you have to align your life so that those things will more easily come to you.  You’ve got to take the actions that show you really want it.  You’ve got to create the feelings and emotions that make you believe it…before it even shows up.

Last month my lovely friend and colleague Nidhi Handa of Bliss by Numbers and I started a podcast called Lifestyle Luminaries.     We chose “Lifestyle Luminaries” because as Life and Biz Coaches, we help our clients get clear on what they truly want and then illuminate the actions they need to take to get it.  Our experience in Tarot and Numerology add some extra special insight that we think you’ll love 😉  In our most recent episode we discussed this particular issue. Click on to the link below to hear what we have to say:





Lately I’ve been noticing a theme with my Tarot clients…

they’ve been coming to me with a strong desire to know what the cards have to say about their current love relationship.  Yes, I know, that’s par for the course for a Tarot Reader/Coach like me.  But these days many of my clients are bringing their partners with them so that I can do a Lovers Tarot Reading.  This is *awesome* because I get a chance to not only see what’s really going on with both sides of the relationship but I can also work with the reactions once the card meanings are revealed.  What do I mean by that?  Well, with one of the couples from a recent Lovers Tarot Reading, the male partner was hesitant about coming to see me because he was dubious about what the cards could possibly reveal about the situation.  Being a man of “logic” he told her he doubted that Tarot cards could tell him anything of value. Nice. But he came because, well, she pretty much insisted.  He immediately changed his tune when he realized that the cards brought up issues that he had been side stepping for a while, like the fact that he felt she was taking him for granted and had lately been spending way more time out with her friends than at home with him.  If he hadn’t come to the Lovers Tarot session he wouldn’t have been able to say how he felt without seeming like he was being a whiny b*yotch.  So what was his “solution” pre Tarot session?  Sulking. And doing the passive aggressive withholding sex thing.  Ummm yaaaa, NEVER a good thing…

Anyway, the result of the readings not only gave them clarity about what was happening and opened up a dialog but also helped to provide some really specific answers on how to fix things between them.   He enjoyed the session so much he even said “Make sure you put that in the Lovers Report!” when the cards revealed she was indeed putting others ahead of him and how it made him feel.   From the readings he learned she needed him to be more straightforward and vocal with his needs and he has seen that by doing this, there has been very positive responses from her (i.e. lots of attention, affection and time).

In another situation, the couple that came to see me seemed at first to be pretty drama free, until the Moon reversed showed up to reveal that one of the partners didn’t have much trust for the other.  Oops .  While the cards also revealed that there was no real reason for not trusting her partner, the Devil  card showed up to tell us that she had some serious trust issues from past relationships that were still plaguing her. But she hadn’t told her current love that she still hadn’t fully healed from these past traumas.  So while one person was blissfully ignorant, the other put on a faux happy face that was hiding some demons.  Through our session they were able to address her trust issues in a real way and create a plan to help her feel more confident about herself and the relationship.   And with the Report that came with the reading, they are able to refer to it and look back at any advice given by the cards.


If you and your love are in need of some clarity and want to take positive action, make an appointment with me now for the Lovers Tarot Reading.


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Or, if you haven’t yet found your special someone and are ready to see what’s in store for your love life, try the LOVE DESTINY READING + REPORT

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Want to know more about how Tarot can change your life?  

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