I watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight. Its definitely a guilty pleasure. While I know that my “higher self” should stay away from so much drama, when it comes to this show, I just ignore her.

When they first showed Allison Dubois at Camille’s house she looked so normal.Ā  And by normal I mean, well, NOT CRAZY. I was so hoping that she would be awesome. Wow, I was sadly mistaken. As a reader, I often get uncomfortable when someone calls me psychic as I consider myself more “intuitive.” I’ve experienced some “psychics” who were very deceptive and also so after the money that I myself steered away from aligning myself to anything of the sort. I didn’t know that Allison Dubois has also declared this as well. Kindred spirits? I think not. If you watched the show you saw that she was strange from the start. Inappropriate comments eventually turned into extremely rude and then actually kind of evil declarations. She sat in her chair with a sense of cockiness and “knowing” and with her strange fake cigarette, acted as if her title of “medium” made her better and smarter than everyone. While I of course believe in being able to “read” people it doesn’t work like that. You can’t just be at a party and declare you know when everyone in a person’s family is going to die or say that you hope that when their kids disappear they won’t be able to call you (and then actually act gleeful about that. REALLY?!). The worst part was actually after the BH women left and the vitriolic conversation kept going. Really Allison? While you sat there predicting when Kyle’s husband would cheat on her, did you also divulge to Camille that Kelsey was already living with his new girlfriend? Those kind of irresponsible declarations of predictions really make other intuitives look bad. And while it might make for “good TV” as Camille said on Watch What Happens, its very, very sad.