While I work with clients on all aspects of their lives, many come to me specifically to deal with issues around love and relationships.  I get urgent calls when there has been a recent break up.  Using my Tarot cards my clients want to get answers about why a relationship ended.   Almost always I hear those words “but she was my soul mate!” or “he’s the PERFECT guy for me!”   While I will always look into what the cards say about the relationship, the point I make sure they get at the end of our session is:  if s/he was your soul mate or your perfect match, they would want you too.  Yes, its that simple.  You can list off all the reasons why they are great, why they are loving, why you feel they are a great fit for you, but if they aren’t showing up in the relationship for you, its not going to work.  Ever.

Ok, so you say you are so in love, you are willing to do all the “heavy lifting”.  Well, one day you are going to realize when you stop putting in the effort, there is no relationship.

Or maybe you find yourself always having to “convince” your partner that you are meant for each other.  Really?  Would you have to convince your Soul mate that you are MFEO?  Shouldn’t they already know that…being Soulmates and all?

If you find yourself in these types of situations, and aren’t already broken up, get out.  NOW.  Save yourself the eventual heartache.

Before you stop and think about what you want in your Ideal Relationship, take a moment to list all the reasons why you are a Kick-Ass partner.  Why you DESERVE to have the type of love that you are always giving to others.  Why you know you can attract someone who would appreciate all your qualities.   Can’t think of a lot of things to write?  Well, we’ll deal with the  modesty (low self esteem?) thing later.  For now, ask some good friends what qualities they like about you and list those.

Now that you got your list, think about what you REALLY want in a relationship and what kind of partner you want to attract.   Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle.  One the left side write down all the things that you do not want and will not tolerate  in a relationship.   Based on your Don’t Wants create a list of Do Wants on the right side of the sheet.

For example:

Don’t Want                                     Do Want

A cheater                                   A Partner who is monogamous and loyal

Clarity is Step #1 in manifesting.  You have to know what you want in order to attract it. 

Go out on dates and have fun.  You might not meet that Soul Mate right away but the more you meet new people and sort out the wants and don’t wants, the closer you will be to getting that perfect-for-you- person.