I have client who is great at manifesting.  When she wants something it usually shows up for her in some way.   She attracted the most amazing job, she created an amazing life for herself in LA, and she was feeling really confident about herself.  Her next focus was on manifesting an ideal relationship.  So she dated several people while working to attract “the one.”  She started dating a guy from work who seemed to fit many of her requirements except that he wasn’t as adventurous as she would like him to be.   Soon enough it started to get old for her that he wasn’t as open as she wanted.  She came to me and told me she wanted to stop seeing him.   In fact she met someone who she worked with (who also worked with this guy), that she wanted to date instead.  Tricky situation!  We did a reading which said she should wait until after the holidays to break it off with him.  Right before the holidays came he told her that he just wanted to be friends.  Instead of letting her ego get to her (some people don’t like to be rejected even if they didn’t want that person) she saw it as a blessing that he chose to break up with her.  We talked about how the Universe brought her what she wanted because it also allowed her to be free to date the other coworker since the first guy was the one that broke up with her!

So she dated the second guy and they had a nice relationship for 6 months.  But eventually things started going south with this relationship because even though she really liked him there were things about the relationship that weren’t quite right and he wasn’t as ambitious as she would want him to be.  She was planning on moving to San Francisco to go back to school and he was going to move there to be with her but she didn’t know if that is what she wanted. The readings showed that they would break up but she didn’t know how she would do it since she did like him and didn’t want to hurt him.  So she prayed on it and waited for an answer to come.  One month before she was going to move he got an offer to go work in Wisconsin where he used to work before they met.  He loved it there and the job offer was a really good one.  So even though he wanted to be with her, he really felt that going to Wisconsin was the best opportunity for him.  Again, the Universe intervened and she didn’t have to be the one who told him not to go to San Francisco with her.

So now she’s in San Francisco and going to school and dating and getting clear on who she wants to attract in her life.  She’s a great example of how you just have to have faith that the Universe will provide you the answers you need.  I think its pretty amazing that it all worked out for her!