Equipped with a background in Psychology, strong intuition and a career rooted in coaching and crisis counseling, Julie Rose has created a successful career empowering and actualizing people.  Her trifecta of talents has worked to her advantage while working as a counselor for at-risk kids, the Director of Crisis and Volunteer Services for a 24-hour rape crisis center, and a business & results coach.   In 2004 Julie was hand picked by Tyra Banks to help develop and run The Tyra Banks Foundation TZONE, her teen self esteem and empowerment organization.
Julie’s interest in Tarot started in high school as a fun hobby to help friends and family figure out answers to questions about love and life. Then about 18 years ago, a friend who was a professional Tarot and Palm reader bought her a deck of cards and she developed a deeper passion and honed her skills. She started doing readings for people outside her circle which now included some personal coaching. Because of her honed intuition, ability to connect her clients’ experiences to the symbolism in the cards,  and strong coaching skills, her readings were a huge hit. She was soon asked to read cards at parties and at her friends’ restaurants for special events. At the advice of her friends and clients, Live.Love.Tarot was officially born.
Julie currently co-hosts a weekly podcast show called The Lifestyle Luminaries which covers topics on Manifesting, Love, Career and Abundance.   Through Live.Love.Tarot she leads Manifesting Workships and VIP  Events for people comitted to taking action towards creating their ideal lives.  As a Coach for the business managment firm Run Success, she helps clients get into the right mindset to take action towards business success.
Julie’s clients are made up of a diverse group of people from all over the world from Hong Kong to Paris.  Located in West Hollywood she has not only attracted an elite client list of famous celebrities,  she is also a go-to Tarot Reader for entertainment executives and production company events.



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