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I am so excited about a new Tarot project I’ve been working on!  I’ve recently commissioned a very talented artist, Michael Shirley, to design a set of Tarot cards for me.  I’d love to share a sneak peek and while giving you a Tarot Tuesday Card of the Day!

The Judgement card shows up to tell you to take some time out for self reflection. Its your time to move forward to a new, more elevated phase in your life, but before that happens take the opportunity now to stop and think about lessons learned. What are the things you want to leave behind and what do you want to take with you as you start a new chapter in your life? Are there people you can choose to forgive, are there some shifts in outlook and emotions that are important to make? Often this is the stage of creating deeper awareness and paradigm shifts. Let go of unnecessary “baggage” and create space for new memories ~ you’re about to begin your exciting new journey!


You say you want to have a fully expressed life.  You want that dream career.  That passionate love.   The adventurous  lifestyle.

So what’s stopping you?  Why are you STILL just talking about it? What are the blocks that get in the way of success?  Fear is often a huge obstacle.  Fear of failing.  Fear of looking foolish.  Fear of being rejected.   All these things loom largely in that over thinking head and you feel…paralyzed.  


When working with my clients on the issues of fears,  I encourage them to do something every day that is out of their comfort zone.  Small things like saying hello to strangers to larger things like taking an improv class.  Every time they do something that is uncomfortable they stretch and grow and then taking risks become less scary. In fact sometimes they become fun.

If you feel you are ready to push your comfort zone boundaries my client Liz created an awesome program called Wanna Feel Like A Rock Star? This cool workshop not only provides lessons on singing, it helps with self esteem and teaches you to improve your public performance skills and stage presence.   And how fun is that to rock out in the process of removing your fears?

If you Wanna Feel Like a Rock Star contact Liz about her upcoming Meetup 1 Day Workshop and  the 5-Week Wanna Feel Like A Rock Star? Program.  The 5 Week Program is being offered at an INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL for only $190 but spaces are limited so book your spot soon.

Rock Star

I was watching the season 3 opening episode of Drop Dead Diva last night (don’t judge, its a fun show!) when on came Kim Kardashian as a Love Guru named Nikki LePree. She was speaking to one of the show’s characters, Jane, about what to do next about her love situation. “Nikki” actually gave good advice…if you feel like you need to let someone know that you really love them, then “leave it all out on the table.” Whether they choose you or not, that’s up to them, but you know that you’ve done all that you can do. You put it out there and you should feel good about that. (Mind you, this advice is for people who actually have some kind of relationship with the other person, not a don’t-really-know -them/stalker kind of situation). I know, for those of you with control issues, that concept sounds scary. But stick with me here as I give you some examples of why letting go and being authentic and open is important.

As I’ve said many times before, I am lucky to attract so many strong, beautiful, intelligent, successful women as clients. Some of them are in committed relationships and the others are looking towards creating one. And then there is that group of my clients that are in relationships that they can’t quite define. They often say to me that its because of the man and his lack of direction in the relationship that their situation is so wishy washy. They truly believe that they’ve been waiting for their guy to make the next move. But through the cards and further dialogue I see that most of the time, they are the ones that actually have the power. How did that show up? Well, example 1, I met with this gorgeous young producer who had been in a long distance love relationship for almost 5 years. But according to her, it wasn’t moving in the way she wanted. Even though he has shown her examples of his love – traveling to another country to spend the Christmas holidays with her and her family instead of his own, letting her staying in his place when she was in town, even when he was not in town, actually TELLING her he loved her ( to which she contested by saying something to the extent of “how can that be true when you didn’t do…. and didn’t do….”) So recently she has decided she wants to get closer to him, she wants to take the relationship to the next level. So what did she do? She told him she just wanted to be friends, even though that was exactly opposite what she wanted! This is what I refer to as High Priestess reversed, going against your intuition and tying to control a situation by being manipulative.


What she really wanted was for him to chase after her and beg to take the relationship to the next level. And maybe in a different kind of relationship that might work (yes, a dysfunctional inauthentic relationship) but in her particular situation she didn’t see that she was already going against the relationship dynamic they had created. The cards showed that she was the one who had most of the power and he followed her lead. Whenever he tried to show her love, she didn’t feel it was enough so she shut it down. He became used to her feeling unfulfilled and assumed over the years that she wasn’t fully into it, so while he loves her, he stopped trying so hard. Her fear of being vulnerable to him was pushing him away. And her final “This isn’t working out, I think we should just be friends” helped to push him further away, which was confirmed when he said “Now that I think about it, maybe you are right” I know ladies, we say these things to because we want them to chase us. But sometimes they actually LISTEN TO WHAT WE SAY AND BELIEVE US. So through our session I worked with her to figure out what she really wanted to say to him to get their relationship back on track. In fact the reading showed that if they were both able to break down their defensive blocks (The Tower) they would eventually get married.

Another client is this amazing attorney – she’s sharp, stylish, pretty, and successful – but she also does not like being “vulnerable.” She told me she doesn’t like to give up control of her emotions. She is very much an Emperor (masculine energy) So when this awesome loving guy came along and tried to get her to open up faster than she wanted, she balked and pushed him away and asked him to slow down. So guess what? He did. And even though she was seeing other people, she freaked out when she thought he might be too, and pretty much almost told him to go away. But luckily she came to see me before she did anything crazy. What I suggested for her to do instead was to be authentic, and let him know that she DIDN’T want to see other people and was hoping that he still felt the same way. While the cards said he might not respond the way she wants right away, I told her don’t let that affect her chance to be authentic. There is something very powerful and yet feminine about allowing yourself to be vulnerable. We can not control relationships because we can’t control what others think or feel (and why would we want to) but we can choose to do the best things for us. And that includes allowing love to come into our lives by putting it all out on the table.

*** If you are looking to change your destructive love habits and remove blocks that stop you from being authentic, join my Love Workshop starting Thursday June 7th. Click on the link for more info.

4-Week Workshop – READY FOR LOVE

New moons set up incredible energies for new beginnings for a two week period of time and this happens for us each and every month.   Partnered with the Solar Eclipse this time is even more powerful.  Why not use them to their fullest potential and empower our circumstances to manifest easily and gracefully? In order to manifest Abundance and your Heart’s Desire into your life, its very important to first remove unwanted blockages and create a clear energetic path. These blockages could include connections to an old love that is no longer healthy, habits and patterns that don’t positively serve you, and inertia to move forward in your goals. A really great way to remove these blocks is by following this Cleansing & Manifesting ritual.
You will need these items:

  • A candle in your favorite color (best
    if it is somewhat short as you need it to burn out)
  • Glass Bowl
  • 1 sheet of paper
  • Pen/pencil
  • Cinnamon joss sticks
  • Hyssop herb (or Epsom Salt works well too)

1. Take the piece of paper, draw a
line down the middle. On the left write down the things in
your life that you want to Honor and Bid Farewell to (the things that block you from having what you really want) On the right side, write down the things that you wish
to Welcome into and Manifest.

2. Tear the sheet in 1/2 down the middle, with one sheet having all the things
you don’t want, and the other having the things you do want. Put it aside.

3. Have a purifying hyssop bath (or Epsom Salt) to wash away negativity.
4. Next create a positive energy circle. After your bath, go into a room in which you want to do your burning ritual. Starting in the east, walk around the room clockwise with a cinnamon joss stick in your right hand.
Visualize a pink energy of light surrounding your home.

5. Step into the circle bringing your two sheets, candle and bowl with you. It is best if there is a table to set down the bowl and candle, but you can also sit on the floor.

6. Take the list of things that you wish to Bid Farewell and burn the sheet with the
Candle tossing the sheet into the bowl. “I honor your presence in my life but no longer need you. I bid you farewell.”

7.Next take the list that you wish you welcome into your life. Say the phrase below and then burn the list. “I welcome you, my Heart’s Desires into my life. I have created space and am open to receiving all that the Universe has to offer me. For each of my desires I wish This or Better”

8. Allow the candle to burn down to the wick.

9. Now walk around the room anticlockwise
with a cinnamon joss stick, imagining the pink energy has turned
into a bubble and is now is lifting the smoke up in the air taking your
wishes away to the Universe.

The only thing left to do is allow the Universe to bring you what you desire, by saying “Please bring me this, or better” as the Universe often awards us with things that exceed our wildest imaginations.

Level II Love

4-Week Workshop Series Designed to

Get You the Love You Desire + Deserve

“When a man loves a woman
Can’t keep his mind on nothing else
He’ll trade the

For the good thing he’s found”

– Percy Sledge

If you’re like many women, you’ve read the fairy tales about handsome princes coming to your rescue.  You’ve grown up hoping and believing that you may be lucky and find your own handsome prince.  That age old fairy tale has, in many ways messed you up.  Instead of believing you might be the lucky one, you should be thinking someone may be fortunate enough to find YOU!  This isn’t about ego, it’s about self-worth.

Knowing that you are a “catch”

 I work with so many beautiful, successful women who have been in relationships with men who don’t value what they bring to the table.  And for some reason the women don’t see or value it either.  This course is about owning who you are, and attracting the men who deserve you.  You want that Sexy Bad Boy?Sure, if “Bad” pertains to his taste in music, not how he treats you.  Boring Billy? Of course not.  Yes he’s “safe”, but if he doesn’t step up his game in the passion and interests department, then he’s probably not for you.  Resume Randy?  He looks great on paper, but he doesn’t go out of his way to see you.  That’s a no-no.  This course is also about finding the balance of your basic needs with your passions in a relationship.  Yes, you can do this.   Because just as you are balanced (you aren’t 100% BAD GIRL BETTY or CAREER CARA are you?) there is someone out there who can be balanced too.  This course is also about learning to accept love and adoration.  Allowing love to come to you, not chasing it.   Yes, we will have action items for you. But that’s more about showing the Universe you are ready, practicing your dating skills and having fun exploring the dating scene.

How to Attract + Keep a Good Man: 4-Week Workshop Series


In the Workshops we will:

  • Work on Valuing Yourself
  • Learn How to Avoiding Making the Same Mistakes
  • Discover What Qualities Are Really Important to You in a Partner
  • Reading the Signs He’s Interested
  • Keeping the Relationship Going
  • How To Spot Red Flags, Move Gracefully In Awkward Situations And Avoid Jumping In Too Fast.

 Cost for 4-Week Workshops only  $249

 Level II: How to Attract + Keep a Good Man

4-Week Workshop

Thursday, July 12th

from 7:30pm to 9:30 p.m. in West Hollywood

 There are only (six) spots available

Save your spot now


Julie Rose (310) 916-9576

… and gloss, and shine.  Our Beauty Tarot expert Julie Rose of Live.Love.Tarot. weighed in with this draw of the card on Valentine’s Day.Here’s what she had to say:

“When The Emperor shows up reversed it’s telling you that you are struggling to give up power. Are you so into “winning” that you’ve forgotten what the real prizes in life are all about? Soften up and let your love see your sweet & playful side again. Stila’s Make Me Blush palette is the perfect thing to use to get “cheeky” this Valentine Week!”

We happen to love this playful palette too with these cute little hearts.  What Valentine’s Day looks did you rock this year?

Posting from VanityGirlHollywood’s blog.  You can visit her site at

Every New Year, most people come up with their annual New Year’s Resolutions. Many are the same ones they came up with LAST year.

1) Quit drinking

2) Exercise more/lose weight

3) Go to bed earlier

4) etc., etc., etc

While choosing “bad” habits to release or to even “good” ones create is a great idea, an ever better one is to choose your THEME for the year.  What do I mean by that?  Well, when you think about how you want to live out 2011, what comes to mind?  Would you most want to be  CURIOUS & FEARLESS?  More LOVING & PATIENT?  or do you want to BE CREATIVE & MANIFEST FREELY?  Whatever you choose, think about it carefully because this phrase/theme should be what you want to exemplify in the New Year.  And when you choose your theme you can more clearly choose the actions to align with it .   For example, you say you want to be FEARLESS, but then next month you say “No” to rock climbing.  hmmmm…   Or you state that you want to MANIFEST, but its March and you haven’t done anything towards acquiring your dreams.  Ummm ya…  When we keep in mind our 2011 Theme, each time we come across a course of action we are uncertain of, we can do a self check and see if that action fits our theme.  Its also a good thing to check in on ourselves every 90 days to see if we are still on the right track.    If you need help in finding your personal theme, let me know.  I’d love to help, because of course, part of my theme is MANIFESTING SUCCESS IN MYSELF & OTHERS.

The World I have always been fascinated with Tarot cards, the 8 Ball, the crystal ball, and all things associated with Fortune Telling. I remember during a trip to Disneyland at around age 6 I become completely obsessed with the antiquated gypsy fortune telling machine they had in one of the stores off main street. Growing up, I could not pass by a fortune telling machine without depositing AT LEAST one quarter. Fortune cookies? I bought them by the handful. I am STILL like that. In college I took a more passionate interest in tarot card reading and even learned how to read regular playing cards just for fun. Being intuitive and having the passion to empower people provides for the perfect combination for me to be a much sought after reader. Sessions with clients begin with a reading and often times end with counseling and problem solving. In my world, Tarot & Empowerment go together.