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New Year 2014

2014 is almost here.  Are you ready?

As I review 2013 I see an overall theme for my clients. This past year was the time for huge change.  And I mean HUGE.

The Tower, The Death and The Judgment cards came up frequently.  I don’t say that meaning that terrible things happened. These cards show up to tell you that certain areas of your life need assessment and that in many cases, things will change whether you think you’re ready or not.  Many of my clients’ lives were shuffled around last year so that they could change and fix things that just weren’t working anymore.  They got out of situations in love and career that were uncomfortable, made shifts that were necessary and made decisions to move into paths more authentic to them. Some clients took risks and made some major moves getting them closer than ever to living into their ideals. 

Wherever you stand in the range of change, I’m sure you agree, 2013 was a significant year.  

I believe that the New Year is an exciting time because it gives us a marker to make assessments about our lives.  Big shifts happened over the last year, and its important for us to take a look at what we learned, what we want to leave behind and what direction we want to go into next.

  • Am I supposed to continue with the acting career I DESIRE or go back to that “stable” job in finance?
  • Is that person I’m dating really “THE ONE” or is this relationship heading for a break up?
  • What’s STOPPING me from starting that passion project?
  • Will I finally be able to TRAVEL to Europe this year?
  • Why am I STILL BLOCKED from finding love?
  • Have I really been doing every thing I can to create the SUCCESS I want and deserve?

These are the kinds of questions I hear from clients all the time. And as with every client I work you to find  you true paths and then take action to go for it.  

What are you waiting for?


Through my 2014 NEW YEAR’S TAROT READING + REPORT we work together to see what’s been going on with you and what’s in store for the future. You will receive:

  • Your 2013 in summary
  • Lessons from the past year
  • What you ultimately aspire to in the next twelve months
  • What can Empower you to live into your passions and desires
  • What’s Blocking you
  • Your Love Relationships for the New Year
  • Your Relationship with Career & Money
  • Your Health, Beauty and Well-being
  • Your Spirituality and Inner Fulfillment
  • What you most need to focus on for the year ahead
  • Your most important lesson in the coming year

All of these insights will be put together in a comprehensive REPORT which you can use as a guide to help you manifest what you want and keep track of your progress in the New Year.


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2012 is coming to an end…

are you ready?


We’ve all heard that the Maya claimed that this future end-time could include a catastrophic magnetic pole reversal of the planet Earth, a solar shift, a Venus transit and mounting earthquakes, among other catastrophes. At the same time, I’ve heard other experts claim that the Mayans might not have claimed that the year 2012 would necessarily be the “end of days,” but perhaps just the end of an age. The “end” that we are to experience is that of a certain way of living. The new era we are being ushered into is one that involves a new, higher level of spiritual consciousness and collective awareness -a new Age of Enlightenment.

Whether you are “into that kind of thing” or not, you can still agree, that the New Year is a perfect time for major shifts.  It provides us a special opportunity to create exciting changes in our lives. Yes, of course I believe that EVERY DAY is a great time for change, but sometimes a significant start date like January 1, gives us a stronger push to make those important shifts.

Creating Your 2013 Manifesting Map

is a 6 Week Manifesting Group designed to help you map out a bold and exciting New Year.   How do you want to live out your life in 2013? Aren’t you ready to jump in with full force and go after what you REALLY want?  Don’t let another year go by in which you miss out in living the life you know you deserve.

In Creating Your 2013 Manifesting Map we put intentions on

  • CLARIFYING and DECLARING the things that you want to see happen next year
  • Set DATES and develop ACTION ITEMS
  • Create a Vision Board and a 2013 Calendar to lay out all your  juicy plans.
  • Put GRACE and POWER into your manifesting
  • REMOVE OBSTACLES  that stop you.
  • Develop a plan for a future so bright and compelling that you will be excited every day to follow your Manifesting Map

We can also work on changing some of your Heart’s Desires towards something that you feel PASSION and DESIRE for.  Because the truth is, if you find more reasons NOT to take action, you don’t really want it that bad.

Creating Your 2013 Manifesting Map – 6 Week Group

Starts Thursday, December 13th*

*(there will be no class on Dec 27th due to the Holidays)

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4-Week Workshop Series Designed to Get You Ready for the Love You Desire + Deserve

“I am ready for love, here with an offering of
My Voice
My Eyes
My Soul
My Mind

Tell me what is enough to prove I am ready for love”

I am ready

-India Arie

Summer is coming soon…where is YOUR Summer Lover? Where is that person you want to enjoy hiking with, watching movies, drinking wine at sunset? Aren’t you ready to share your ambitions, dreams and affections with that special partner? Don’t you want to spend the next few months falling in love?
If your answer is “YES, I want love.” What’s stopping you? You’re an attractive, loving, fun, and ambitious woman. Your friends and family tell you what a catch you are. You feel that you go out of your way to meet new people. Maybe you’ve even found someone. But you still can’t make it work. What the #$%@ is going on?

What if I told you that you have been sabotaging yourself? That you have been repeating the same mistakes or maybe even creating new ones that have been stopping you from being in a loving healthy relationship. Well, its time to stop the madness and clear out the yucky stuff. It’s time to make those changes that will help you attract the kind of exciting, healthy, lustful, spiritually connected love you deserve.

Our Ready for Love: 4-Week Workshop Series will help you push past those emotional blocks, get you into action and even show you how to avoid big love mistakes.

{The Workshops}:

Week 1- The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Taking personal inventory of your love habits

Week 2- Burn, Baby, Burn!: Releasing those blocks that stop you from having a Magical + Meaningful love life

Week 3- Love Potion #9: Action + Attraction. Time to work what ya got!

Week 4- Stupid Crazy Love: So, you’re ready + open. How to spot red flags, move gracefully in awkward situations and avoid jumping in too fast.

The 4-Week Workshop is regularly $499 but being a lover of LOVE, I invite you to join us for the entire series at the

Special Price of $249.
Pay by May 4th and its only $209

Ready for Love: 4 Week Workshop Series will be held in West Hollywood, CA. The program starts on

Thursday, May 10th from 7:00pm to 9:00 p.m.

There are only eight (8) spots available in our Ready for Love 4-week Workshop Series. Prove that you are ready. Join now.


Julie Rose (310) 916-9576

It’s almost here. That time of the year when most of us make promises to DO more. SEE more. Weigh LESS.

We make lists of all the things we hope to do, only to write those same things again the following year, “because we just never got around to it…” In other words, they end up a big fat FAIL.

I work with my clients all year round on their Heart’s Desires, which you can say are similar to New Year’s Resolutions. Except kinda not. For my clients, Heart’s Desires are the things that they want to manifest, create + attract into their lives. They are what gets them moving and excited every day.

Do you ever notice how so many resolutions sound tedious or like punishment? “I resolve to start exercising.” “I resolve to stay away from my crazy ex.” They don’t feel good when you think about them. On the other hand, Heart’s Desires are things that you look forward to moving TOWARDS “I choose a healthy, sexy, strong body.” “I am excited to attract a loving committed relationship.”

What most people don’t quite understand is that the reason they fail to keep many of their resolutions is because they aren’t true Heart’s Desires. There is no real passion or drive behind them. Can you really feel excited about “being more organized”? Ok, maybe some people can. But for most of us, writing that down is just a reminder of how terribly UNorganized we’ve been for most of our lives.

So how can you create a compelling resolutions Heart’s Desire List?

Start by thinking about what will make you excited to do, be, see, feel, hear in 2012.

Do you feel passionate about picturing yourself eating croissants in Paris with a hot French guy/girl? Would being a sexy size 6 in your dream outfit (and possibly running into your ex!) get your butt moving? Does choosing health (and fresh breath) over smoking sound motivating this year?

For every New Year’s Heart’s Desire you write, stop and think about how you would FEEL once you accomplish these things. When you picture yourself doing any of them, do you get a little giddy? Do want to high five yourself? If so, then its a True Desire, and I want you to keep that on your List. If not, perhaps there is a way to re word it so that it becomes more exciting. Feeling kind of “meh” about #15 “I resolve to be nicer to my significant other. ” Maybe it should be “I choose to appreciate and show gratitude to my partner every day.” Whatever you do, have fun. It’s time to be like the Magician in Tarot and believe in your powers of manifesting. Imagine what life can be when you are open to all possibilities.

For help on making your 2012 New Year’s Heart’s Desires the most compelling list you’ve ever made, set up a Tarot + Manifesting Session with me now (310) 916-9576

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Every New Year, most people come up with their annual New Year’s Resolutions. Many are the same ones they came up with LAST year.

1) Quit drinking

2) Exercise more/lose weight

3) Go to bed earlier

4) etc., etc., etc

While choosing “bad” habits to release or to even “good” ones create is a great idea, an ever better one is to choose your THEME for the year.  What do I mean by that?  Well, when you think about how you want to live out 2011, what comes to mind?  Would you most want to be  CURIOUS & FEARLESS?  More LOVING & PATIENT?  or do you want to BE CREATIVE & MANIFEST FREELY?  Whatever you choose, think about it carefully because this phrase/theme should be what you want to exemplify in the New Year.  And when you choose your theme you can more clearly choose the actions to align with it .   For example, you say you want to be FEARLESS, but then next month you say “No” to rock climbing.  hmmmm…   Or you state that you want to MANIFEST, but its March and you haven’t done anything towards acquiring your dreams.  Ummm ya…  When we keep in mind our 2011 Theme, each time we come across a course of action we are uncertain of, we can do a self check and see if that action fits our theme.  Its also a good thing to check in on ourselves every 90 days to see if we are still on the right track.    If you need help in finding your personal theme, let me know.  I’d love to help, because of course, part of my theme is MANIFESTING SUCCESS IN MYSELF & OTHERS.

In order to bring Abundance and your Heart’s Desire into your life, its very important to remove unwanted blockage and create a clear energetic path. These blockages could include connections to an old love that is no longer healthy, habits and patterns that don’t positively serve you, and inertia to move forward in your goals. A really great way to remove these blocks is by following this Cleansing & Manifesting ritual. If you can’t do this before New Year’s Eve, its okay to do it within the first few days in order to start the year off with clarity. You will need the following

  • A candle in your favorite color (best
    if it is somewhat short as you need it to burn out)
  • Glass Bowl
  • 1 sheet of
  • Pen/pencil
  • Cinnamon
    joss sticks
  • Hyssop herb (or Epsom Salt works
    well too)

1. Take the piece of paper, draw a
line down the middle. On the left write down the things in
your life that you want to Honor and Bid Farewell to for the New
Year (the things that block you from having what you really
want) On the right side, write down the things that you wish
to Welcome into and Manifest for the New Year.

2. Tear the sheet in 1/2 down the middle, with one sheet having all the things
you don’t want, and the other having the things you do want. Put it aside.

3. Have a purifying hyssop bath (or Epsom Salt) to wash away negativity.
4. Next create a positive energy circle. After your bath, go into a room in which you want to do
your burning ritual. Starting in the east, walk around the
room clockwise with a cinnamon joss stick in your right hand.
Visualize a pink energy of light surrounding your home.

5. Step into the circle bringing your two sheets, candle and bowl with
you. It is best if there is a table to set down the bowl and
candle, but you can also sit on the floor.

6. Take the list of things that you wish to Bid Farewell and burn the sheet with the
Candle tossing the sheet into the bowl. “I honor your
presence in my life but no longer need you. I bid you

7.Next take the list that you wish you welcome into your life. Say
the phrase below and then burn the list. “I welcome you,
my Heart’s Desires into my life. I have created space and am open
to receiving all that the Universe has to offer me. For each
of my desires I wish This or Better”

8. Allow the candle to burn down to the wick.

9. Now walk around the room anticlockwise
with a cinnamon joss stick, imagining the pink energy has turned
into a bubble and is now is lifting the smoke up in the air taking your
wishes away to the Universe.

The Universe will now work to bring to you within the year, what you want, or BETTER!