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“Oooh, the Lovers! We know what that means!” The whole group giggles with excitement as I begin to tell them how the Lovers pertains to this particular reading.

In the past few months I’ve booked some very cool VIP Tarot Parties, set in beautiful homes  or luxurious LA locations like a secluded beach or swank hotel.  Most of the groups are made up of sophisticated, attractive and successful women looking to have some insight on their lives while enjoying the company of friends and a glass or two of bubbly. 

My VIP Tarot Parties usually begin with me getting clarity from the group on their intentions for the day and an explanation on how to get the best readings.  For those that request it, I offer a Mini Manifesting Session prior to the readings to help each of them get clear on what they want to attract and the best way to manifest it. These women aren’t new to the manifesting game, most of them are already living some amazing lives as producers, entrepreneurs, artists, etc…  they just feel stuck, want to get to their next phase or maybe just need to add some passion into the mix.  

There are two ways to have a VIP Tarot Party, 1) Set up a private area in which each person rotates to get a short private reading while the rest of the group eats, drinks and mingles.  And for the more open (and brave) 2) The Party is set up  in a group setting, like a living room or large dining table in which everyone is present as each person gets their reading.  In this way, friends get an opportunity to chime in about each person’s reading, sometimes providing further insight to what they believe the card means to the situation.  While both options are fun, the latter is usually more intense, and can create  deeper bonding among friends. There’s usually some crying happening too but surrounded by lots of support and love. 

I’ve received some great feedback from Tarot Party attendees, they tell me that weeks and months later they’re still talking about the insight they gained and the fun they had.  I love that! A few of the  groups I now meet with once a year so they can set new intentions and get clarity for their latest projects and passions.

Want to know how you can set up your own VIP Tarot Party?  Click on the image below and get the deets!



I’ve been really busy lately which is great, because I love what I do and any opportunity to work with new clients is a blessing.   Over the last few weeks, aside from my individual readings and ongoing Tarot Manifesting groups,  I’ve been booked for various holiday parties, “Singles” mixers and private group events.
What do I mean when I say “private group event”?  I’ve had the pleasure of being hired by clients who want to have me as their guest of honor or perhaps “entertainment.”  (Either way works for me )  The host usually does the hiring, then invites a few friends over.   In some situations they prefer that I read cards in front of the whole group  in others we do it privately, one on one as the others  eat, drink and mingle.
With the group readings, it can be really fun, although its important that each of the group members trust each other with private matters as in readings, many times serious issues come to the forefront.   One group was held in the Brentwood Estates where the hostess set up a beautiful environment;  a potluck dinner, wine and music made for the perfect setting.  The group of women were amazing, there were even a couple of therapists in the group, and as each of the 12 women had their public reading, people were open to giving and receiving words of advice and support.  It was such a loving environment.
Another private group reading was held at the Four Seasons (the Regent Beverly Wilshire) in Beverly Hills.  In a suite in the hotel, I read one on one for 5 women, each waiting their turn while they ate their room service delivered dinners, drank wine and watched DVDs.  The woman who hired me was from Lebanon, and frequently visits Beverly Hills for shopping sprees.  Judging from the site of the endless boxes of Gucci, Dior, Burberry and others, she had a great time.   I was hired at the tail end of her trip, and provided some insight on to what to do about current dilemmas and what to  expect in the future.
While each were diverse in their set ups, I had a really great time at both of these group readings.   The people were just incredibly lovely and I was very happy to provide any needed insight.  The women from the Brentwood group suggested another group reading in April, while the other woman let me know she would call on me during her next trip in town.
If you and your friends would like to set up a private group reading,  click on to my page for Tarot for Events & Parties. I would love to help you create a special and fun event to share with your friends and family.