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This Holiday Season, Give Your Friends the Gift of Love!


Buy them a Live.Love.Tarot Session

I know lots of you have that friend and/or family member who, while being a really lovely person, just can’t seem to attract that special someone.   You know they’re smart, attractive and caring, but as far as their dating options, you don’t count.  So your person is out there, in the cold, dreary dating world with not a “real” prospect in sight.

But, are they really trying, or are they sabotaging themselves?  What’s really in the way? That’s a really great question.  And something that a Tarot Reading from Live.Love.Tarot can help discover. 

What’s awesome about gifting your friends a Tarot Reading is that the session doesn’t have to just focus on love.  Your gift can help them find answers about career, money and all sorts of other issues that stump them.

Gift Certificate - 60 Minute sample

And the other, even cooler part?  If you buy them a Live.Love.Tarot Gift Certificate between November 25th – December 31st you get a gift too!  For every 30 Minute Session you buy for a friend, you get 1 free  Tarot Question by Email valued at $25.  If you buy a 60 Minute Session you get 2!

Buy today then contact me (310) 619-9576 or  to create your certificate to give the gift of LOVE this season.

Birthday Pic

In my world, Birthdays are such a big deal. Maybe its because I’m both a Leo astrologically and a “3” in numerology which means I’m a double dose (times a thousand) of good times, friends and fun.  So I celebrate ALL MONTH.  Yes, all month.

 But I’ve come across some people who don’t look forward to birthdays (huh?).  Even if its an age thing (yes, getting older can feel daunting) birthdays are a great way to mark new beginnings.  If life has been challenging lately, how about stopping pre birthday, to look at the lessons learned and think about you would like to see for your next year?  What about using your birthday so declare big positive changes and then actually take the action to do them for the next year?  You can do fun things like make each Birthday Year a theme.  The Year of Living Lusciously.  The Year of World Travel.  The Year of Me!

Whatever it is, make it special.  Make it AWESOME.

If you or someone special to you has a birthday coming up a Tarot reading is the perfect gift to give.  Through your special Birthday Tarot Reading you’ll get clarity on what’s been holding you back from having that fabulous life you know you’re meant to be living.  You’ll get insight on lessons of your past year.  You’ll also get to see what kinds of exciting and possibly scary stuff  is in store for you for in this new Birthday cycle.   You will receive a  detailed Tarot Reading Report based on what we have uncovered to use as a guideline and incentive for an incredible new year.


Birthday Gift


Whether for a friend and certainly for you, a Tarot Reading & Coaching Session provides the ultimate gift: Amazing insight and clarity regarding past and current blocks and issues. Most importantly, it provides real tools to harness your unique talents and gifts and pave the road to your immediate future and fully realized destiny.


• 60 Minute Reading & Coaching (in person or via phone)

• Birthday Reading Report . Includes Summaries on each reading – General, Love Life, Career Outlook, Challenges and Strengths, New Birthday Year Out look, as well as Key Points, Action Steps and Strategies.

• Follow Up 2 Questions Tarot by Email 


Lately I’ve been noticing a theme with my Tarot clients…

they’ve been coming to me with a strong desire to know what the cards have to say about their current love relationship.  Yes, I know, that’s par for the course for a Tarot Reader/Coach like me.  But these days many of my clients are bringing their partners with them so that I can do a Lovers Tarot Reading.  This is *awesome* because I get a chance to not only see what’s really going on with both sides of the relationship but I can also work with the reactions once the card meanings are revealed.  What do I mean by that?  Well, with one of the couples from a recent Lovers Tarot Reading, the male partner was hesitant about coming to see me because he was dubious about what the cards could possibly reveal about the situation.  Being a man of “logic” he told her he doubted that Tarot cards could tell him anything of value. Nice. But he came because, well, she pretty much insisted.  He immediately changed his tune when he realized that the cards brought up issues that he had been side stepping for a while, like the fact that he felt she was taking him for granted and had lately been spending way more time out with her friends than at home with him.  If he hadn’t come to the Lovers Tarot session he wouldn’t have been able to say how he felt without seeming like he was being a whiny b*yotch.  So what was his “solution” pre Tarot session?  Sulking. And doing the passive aggressive withholding sex thing.  Ummm yaaaa, NEVER a good thing…

Anyway, the result of the readings not only gave them clarity about what was happening and opened up a dialog but also helped to provide some really specific answers on how to fix things between them.   He enjoyed the session so much he even said “Make sure you put that in the Lovers Report!” when the cards revealed she was indeed putting others ahead of him and how it made him feel.   From the readings he learned she needed him to be more straightforward and vocal with his needs and he has seen that by doing this, there has been very positive responses from her (i.e. lots of attention, affection and time).

In another situation, the couple that came to see me seemed at first to be pretty drama free, until the Moon reversed showed up to reveal that one of the partners didn’t have much trust for the other.  Oops .  While the cards also revealed that there was no real reason for not trusting her partner, the Devil  card showed up to tell us that she had some serious trust issues from past relationships that were still plaguing her. But she hadn’t told her current love that she still hadn’t fully healed from these past traumas.  So while one person was blissfully ignorant, the other put on a faux happy face that was hiding some demons.  Through our session they were able to address her trust issues in a real way and create a plan to help her feel more confident about herself and the relationship.   And with the Report that came with the reading, they are able to refer to it and look back at any advice given by the cards.


If you and your love are in need of some clarity and want to take positive action, make an appointment with me now for the Lovers Tarot Reading.


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Or, if you haven’t yet found your special someone and are ready to see what’s in store for your love life, try the LOVE DESTINY READING + REPORT

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Want to know more about how Tarot can change your life?  

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During our 3rd week of Love Club (my Ready for Love Manifesting Group) one of the group members had an exciting announcement. “I have a boyfriend now!” she told the rest of the group who was surprised but very happy for her. How did that happen so fast? We were only in Week 3 after all. The truth is I had been working with her in a one on one coaching program (focusing on career issues) for several weeks. During one of our sessions, while making her Life Vision Board, I noticed that she had everything she was dreaming of represented on her board…except any pictures that had to do with Love! Why? I asked. She didn’t even notice, or so she said. When we delved a little deeper it became clear that her negative feelings about past relationships, her own guilt about certain things she did, and her desire to keep her independence was making her subconsciously and consciously push away real relationships. She was in fact currently dating a few guys. One of them sounded pretty promising. A nice, handsome guy who was really sweet to her. Yet she didn’t seem to have much excitement for him. She focused more on another one, who, after hearing about his attitudes and actions, didn’t sound to be very “boyfriendy.”

When I see “blocks” within my clients I suggest, before moving forward, to release those things that keep them from getting what they really want. So I gave her some homework which consisted of doing a little personal inventory and then gave her a releasing ritual. Over the next couple of sessions she said she felt lighter and was getting more clarity about her love life.

By the time Love Club started, just a few weeks later, her energy felt open & positive and she was ready to address her issues. Let me say this is KEY to finding love. You may say that you want love in your life, but if you are still closed and you allow excuses, fear and negative energy to get in your way, you will find it very challenging. During group we did more “work” getting to the bottom of their issues, releasing negative energy, and finding clarity to move towards the love they want.

So it was actually very natural that she started to see that the emotionally healthy guy (who I saw as a great fit for her) was the one she really wanted. And when they were on their 5th date and he asked what she thought about being his girlfriend, she happily said “Yes!” Now they are in a committed relationship and are deliciously healthy and adorable. Drama free, which to emotionally unhealthy people may seem “boring” but to those in a better emotional space, know there is more time and room for amazing positive experiences together. I’m still working with her on career issues as well and let me say, her life is truly magical like a ROCK STAR 😉


You’ve been thinking about which way to go but you know in your heart there is really only one road you want to take. The Chariot shows up to tell us it’s time to make that choice. The card can be interpreted as showing you that you are in a situation in which you have two directions to go and perhaps you have been slow to move forward because you have been confused or perhaps the timing has not been right. But now it is time to take the reins and decide.

In an example from one of my clients- “S” has two choices. Go with the charismatic woman who he has fallen for months ago but has been erratic in how she has shown her affections or choose the new woman who has given him lots of positive attention? While the choice may be obvious to some, he has gone with his heart. He chooses the former, someone who has captured his heart and who he believes is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Yes, its almost June and for some, Summer is a GULP moment…

As in, GULP, bathing suit season.

As in, GULP, my weight has once again crept up on me.

As in, GULP, this is NOT where I said I wanted to be last June.

Believe me, I get it.

Well, here’s what I’m excited about… my friend and client – Priscilla Stephan-a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach is on a mission to help busy professional women feel amazing in their bodies this summer.  Throughout our work together she has always had the passion for health, vitality and beauty.   Lovely P, as I call her 😉 did what many amazing manifesters do – she  left her high paying corporate job to focus more on these things that she loves. So she’s partnered her passions with her real life experience and kick ass coaching techniques to create some amazing programs to help her clients develop healthy, beautiful bodies.

As I asked her for some advice about getting sexy for summer,  she shared with me her #1 secret to slim down effortlessly, double your energy and rock your vibrant, confident self! And I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Here goes… The # 1 way to slim down effortlessly, doubly your energy and feel amazing in your body is…


Yes, sleep!  Ok, I can already hear you saying: ” But Julie, I’ve got so many things to do, I don’t have time to sleep!” And I know. I’m with you. I’ve been known to stay up all night when I’ve got ideas in my head (or lots of shows on my DVR).  But then Priscilla reminded me that – Sleep is SEXY. And you need sleep to be successful.

When you wake up refreshed, your eyes sparkle, your skin glows, you have sharp focus, a spring to step, a better attitude, AND…sleep keeps you slim.

Yes, SLIM!

Sleep controls the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin. When you don’t get enough sleep – and we can all relate to that – ghrelin is more prevalent making you crave all the wrong stuff- all day long You’re also pretty grumpy, bitchy, and annoyed and you want to eat all the junk food in sight.  (Do ya feel me?) PLUS, when you get enough rest, your body has more of the hormone leptin – which helps to suppress our appetite.

Here are Priscilla’s 7 easy tips for scheduling more sleep into your day and feeling more radiant than ever:

  1. Schedule a bedtime that’s realistic and stick to it. You can start by deciding to be in bed 30 minutes before you usually do.
  2. Make bedtime a ritual. Remove TVs from your bedroom and read a book instead.
  3. Listen to soothing music, light a candle, have some lavender sachets for stress reduction or aromatherapy oils and wear your yummy pajamas or nightgown
  4. When you’re in your bed, you shouldn’t be playing with gadgets as they’ll keep you wired and engaged.
  5. Pre-bedtime is a time for you to unwind, allow yourself to disconnect from your day and fall into blissful sleep
  6. Avoid caffeine after lunch time and too much sugar and very late exercise in the evening.
  7. Take a 5-10 minute afternoon nap to give your eyes some rest and to relax from your busy day

Priscilla is offering a super deal for my clients & readers in her upcoming 8 week EMBODY YOU Group Teleseminar starting June 12th.

If you want Priscilla to work with you to bring out your amazing vibrant, confident, self this summer + have a ton of fun and group support, check out her program. She is offering amazing bonuses including a 1 hr free NLP session (and most of you know I LOVE NLP) with her to remove emotional blocks (a $350 value for free!) and an easy payment plan that’s only valid until this Friday at midnight Eastern. To sign up & see the full course curriculum: visit & Click on “Group Program”. You’ll be glad you did! This program is a fraction of the cost of working with Priscilla 1-on-1!

For questions, you can email Priscilla directly at and please let her know I sent you by calling her Lovely P 😉

Here’s to you looking and feeling amazing this summer!

New moons set up incredible energies for new beginnings for a two week period of time and this happens for us each and every month.   Partnered with the Solar Eclipse this time is even more powerful.  Why not use them to their fullest potential and empower our circumstances to manifest easily and gracefully? In order to manifest Abundance and your Heart’s Desire into your life, its very important to first remove unwanted blockages and create a clear energetic path. These blockages could include connections to an old love that is no longer healthy, habits and patterns that don’t positively serve you, and inertia to move forward in your goals. A really great way to remove these blocks is by following this Cleansing & Manifesting ritual.
You will need these items:

  • A candle in your favorite color (best
    if it is somewhat short as you need it to burn out)
  • Glass Bowl
  • 1 sheet of paper
  • Pen/pencil
  • Cinnamon joss sticks
  • Hyssop herb (or Epsom Salt works well too)

1. Take the piece of paper, draw a
line down the middle. On the left write down the things in
your life that you want to Honor and Bid Farewell to (the things that block you from having what you really want) On the right side, write down the things that you wish
to Welcome into and Manifest.

2. Tear the sheet in 1/2 down the middle, with one sheet having all the things
you don’t want, and the other having the things you do want. Put it aside.

3. Have a purifying hyssop bath (or Epsom Salt) to wash away negativity.
4. Next create a positive energy circle. After your bath, go into a room in which you want to do your burning ritual. Starting in the east, walk around the room clockwise with a cinnamon joss stick in your right hand.
Visualize a pink energy of light surrounding your home.

5. Step into the circle bringing your two sheets, candle and bowl with you. It is best if there is a table to set down the bowl and candle, but you can also sit on the floor.

6. Take the list of things that you wish to Bid Farewell and burn the sheet with the
Candle tossing the sheet into the bowl. “I honor your presence in my life but no longer need you. I bid you farewell.”

7.Next take the list that you wish you welcome into your life. Say the phrase below and then burn the list. “I welcome you, my Heart’s Desires into my life. I have created space and am open to receiving all that the Universe has to offer me. For each of my desires I wish This or Better”

8. Allow the candle to burn down to the wick.

9. Now walk around the room anticlockwise
with a cinnamon joss stick, imagining the pink energy has turned
into a bubble and is now is lifting the smoke up in the air taking your
wishes away to the Universe.

The only thing left to do is allow the Universe to bring you what you desire, by saying “Please bring me this, or better” as the Universe often awards us with things that exceed our wildest imaginations.

We know that April (showers) bring in May Flowers, but what else does May have in store for you?

Tomorrow, FRIDAY MAY 4th ONLY I am offering Special on a Tarot & Coaching Session to help you see what’s in store for you! Let your friends know and you get another $20 off your next reading for every friend that takes advantage of the offer.

30 minute sessions only $50 (reg. $80)

60 minute sessions only $82 (reg. $125)

I have sessions available for this time frame only:

11:30am PST – 2:30pm PST for phone sessions only or

4:00pm – 8:00pm PST for in-person or phone sessions

Call or email me ASAP to set up your SPECIAL FRIDAY MAY 4th SESSION

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I was reading an email from Mastin Kipp’s The Daily Love and he brought up a subject that I’ve discussed many times with my own clients. And that is, signs mean whatever you want them to mean.


I hear the phrase “it was a sign” a lot from my clients. And what I’ve noticed is that these “signs” often support what they want to believe. It’s not as if these beliefs are always in their best interest but they might serve the purpose of being the easier road to take.
For example, one of my clients had been in a tumultuous relationship with a very successful businessman. She herself is a gorgeous, successful, smart and funny ad executive. But because of her distrust of relationships she often pushed away this man and the relationship because of her fear of getting hurt. Theirs was a relationship that had ups and downs like a roller coaster at Six Flags. I knew sooner or later it would become too much for either of them to take. She would often come to me saying that some event, phrase, TV show, comment (anything!) “was a sign” that they should not be together. And I would ask “why isn’t it a sign that you should try harder to make it work?”. Instead of trying to push through the fears and creating better communication, it was easier for her to look for reasons why she should flee.

Another client was dating a married man who said he was very unhappy with his current situation. He had promised her that he would start a new life with her once he made the jump to leave. Yet when the time came, he found many “signs” that it was not yet time to leave his wife. Why weren’t they signs that he should?

Our minds are very powerful. We can create meaning in anything we want. We can choose to create significant meanings that empower us towards growth and change or we can use those same signs to validate our fears.

I encourage my clients to look for reasons that support positive growth in all areas of their life. If you want to make changes, push past fears, be bold… Let your mind look for reasons to support these things. Because when you look for positive meanings, you will find them.

Level II Love

4-Week Workshop Series Designed to

Get You the Love You Desire + Deserve

“When a man loves a woman
Can’t keep his mind on nothing else
He’ll trade the

For the good thing he’s found”

– Percy Sledge

If you’re like many women, you’ve read the fairy tales about handsome princes coming to your rescue.  You’ve grown up hoping and believing that you may be lucky and find your own handsome prince.  That age old fairy tale has, in many ways messed you up.  Instead of believing you might be the lucky one, you should be thinking someone may be fortunate enough to find YOU!  This isn’t about ego, it’s about self-worth.

Knowing that you are a “catch”

 I work with so many beautiful, successful women who have been in relationships with men who don’t value what they bring to the table.  And for some reason the women don’t see or value it either.  This course is about owning who you are, and attracting the men who deserve you.  You want that Sexy Bad Boy?Sure, if “Bad” pertains to his taste in music, not how he treats you.  Boring Billy? Of course not.  Yes he’s “safe”, but if he doesn’t step up his game in the passion and interests department, then he’s probably not for you.  Resume Randy?  He looks great on paper, but he doesn’t go out of his way to see you.  That’s a no-no.  This course is also about finding the balance of your basic needs with your passions in a relationship.  Yes, you can do this.   Because just as you are balanced (you aren’t 100% BAD GIRL BETTY or CAREER CARA are you?) there is someone out there who can be balanced too.  This course is also about learning to accept love and adoration.  Allowing love to come to you, not chasing it.   Yes, we will have action items for you. But that’s more about showing the Universe you are ready, practicing your dating skills and having fun exploring the dating scene.

How to Attract + Keep a Good Man: 4-Week Workshop Series


In the Workshops we will:

  • Work on Valuing Yourself
  • Learn How to Avoiding Making the Same Mistakes
  • Discover What Qualities Are Really Important to You in a Partner
  • Reading the Signs He’s Interested
  • Keeping the Relationship Going
  • How To Spot Red Flags, Move Gracefully In Awkward Situations And Avoid Jumping In Too Fast.

 Cost for 4-Week Workshops only  $249

 Level II: How to Attract + Keep a Good Man

4-Week Workshop

Thursday, July 12th

from 7:30pm to 9:30 p.m. in West Hollywood

 There are only (six) spots available

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Julie Rose (310) 916-9576