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Did you know there is a very powerful day in which the Sun and Jupiter are BOTH in Leo creating a unique opportunity to shine and enjoy amazing rewards from taking risks and going after your dreams? TODAY is that day! This is a perfect time for you focus and take action to create a life you’ve always wanted.  Nidhi, my colleague of Bliss by Numbers and I had an awesome online workshop on Monday in which we revealed some special tips for our participants to take advantage of this supercharged energy.  Here is a shortcut version of our event.

1. Clear Your Emotional Space.
Before you begin the manifestation process for The Luckiest Day of the Year, its important for you to let go of all your yucky negative beliefs around your ability to be happy. One of the best ways is to first see and understand the blocks in your way. Once you do this, you can then ask the Universe for guidance to clear those blocks that keep you from believing in your awesomeness. You may be having negative thoughts because of the challenges that you’ve been experiencing lately. You want to re evaluate those challenges to see why the Universe had brought them to you. Maybe you’ve been guided to the relationship that brings up all your negative stuff so that you have to finally heal your fear of abandonment. Or maybe you lost your job because you weren’t even happy anymore but just staying for fear of change and the Universe felt you needed a push. You need to trust that these challenges, however tough at times, are incredible opportunities for you to clean your energy and create space to call in what you desire.
WHAT TO DO: Say a “prayer” asking the Universe to set you free from all the limiting beliefs that block you from believing in your greatness. Once you have said your prayer believe that its working and that you are now releasing the limiting beliefs you’ve been holding on to about yourself. Act as if you now have that positive mindset you need to start attracting things you want.

2. Clear Your Physical Space.
Clearing your space means getting rid of things in your life that you no longer need so that you can open up space for new exciting things that you need and want now. You may have items that have been put away but never used – GET RID OF THEM! This is a perfect way to open the space for more abundance in your life. The clutter in your bedroom often represents a blockage in your love life. If you hold onto pictures of your former lover for whom you still have some sort of attachment, that may be the reason why you haven’t attracted another love in a long time. You may wonder why you are not more abundant in your finances. If you hold on to items because in some way you believe there is not enough or there is some thought of lack behind it, then this may cause a blockage in you experiencing more financial prosperity.
WHAT TO DO: Take a moment to choose a room or area in your house in which you would like to clear some space. Once you’ve chosen an area, use your phone or some sort of timing device to allot about 20-30 minutes for clearing. Take a bag and start placing things that you no longer want into it to clear space. You may want to have two bags, one for trash and the other to give to charity. Once the timer is up, stop. You’ve now created energetic space for things to come into your life.

3. Show Some Gratitude
Gratitude is an important aspect in raising your vibration and aligning you with the things you want to attract. We should all take time to stop and be thankful for what has been already been brought into our lives. Don’t you notice that the most unhappy, frowny-faced people are the ones who only want to focus on what’s bad and irritating about their lives? I’m sure you’ve also noticed that it doesn’t feel good to be around them. Their vibrations are just so low, that often being around them energetically feels painful. I just know that you aren’t one of those people because you know that focusing on what’s good ESPECIALLY in hard times is the best choice of action. Why? Because the more you focus on what’s good, the stronger your ability to attract more of that good stuff. Conversely, if you choose to focus on what sucks, you’ll just get more of that.
The Universe gives back more to those who show appreciation, the next time you have a problem or you find yourself struggling with something. Instead of struggling and becoming emotionally involved with your difficulty just calm down and ask your mind and the Universe for help.

WHAT TO DO: Write down 5 things you are grateful for. If any of them include people, take time today to contact those people (email, text, in person…) to tell them you are grateful for them and why. My suggestion is to include at least 2 people on your list today. The more people you positively connect with on The Luckiest Day of the Year, the better!

4. Get Crazy Clear About What You Want, Then Ask the Universe For It.
When you are at a restaurant, you don’t tell the waiter, “ummm I just want some sort of meat thing.” No, I’m pretty sure you tell them exactly what you want. You probably add even more specifics like “salad on the side, add lemon and no dressing.” Asking the Universe for what you want is just like that only what’s even cooler is that you can say at the end of your request “this or better” and the Universe might just give you an up-leveled VIP surprise! Why? Because the Universe, unlike you and your limited experiences, knows what else is out there, and may feel that something even more awesome is what you really need now.
For The Luckiest Day of the Year, its important to keep focused on what you want to ask, so I would suggest picking 1 or 2 things that you want to put your full manifesting energy towards today.
WHAT TO DO: Think about what you want to attract – is it love or a new job?…are you feeling bold enough to ask for both? Once you have decided, get VERY specific about what you want. Imagine it in your mind, see the details. Think about what it will feel like and even what it may sound like. Once you can fully imagine it, tell the Universe about it, then say “I want this or better”

5. Accept and Say Thank You.
The final step in attracting what you want is to believe that these actions you have taken will now allow for the things you want (or better) to come to you.
WHAT TO DO: Choose a peaceful environment for you to sit quietly to meditate for about 5-10 minutes. The space doesn’t need to be very large – a walk-in closet or even your office can be used for meditation, as long as it’s somewhere private. Now imagine that the things that you have asked for today are arriving at your door. If its love, you can imagine a representation of love such as cupid or a heart. You can also imagine a person but you don’t have to have a clear image of them. If it’s a job, it may be someone at the door with an offer. Whatever form you choose to use, imagine that you allow yourself to accept. Now, tell the Universe “Thank you!” You can add more to it, such as “Thank you, Universe for sending me the love I deserve” or “Thank you, Universe for sending me my dream job!” Whatever you choose, just know that the last step in manifesting on The Luckiest Day of the Year is accepting and saying thank you!


When my clients see the The Death card in a reading some of them gasp in horror. I assume they are thinking literally, which of course would be, um not too good. Luckily I, like most readers, use the Tarot for its symbolic meanings to help understand and read the story of my clients lives. Today’s Tarot card- the Devil – shows up to tell you that there will be a major conclusion in an area of your life. This is a change that is monumental – an ending of circumstances that were dragging on for far too long and the only way to make a clean break is to have a sharp ending. The key point to remember here is that where there is an ending, there is also a beginning. So while you may mourn this loss, understand that what comes next could be a beautiful new beginning.

Level II Love

4-Week Workshop Series Designed to

Get You the Love You Desire + Deserve

“When a man loves a woman
Can’t keep his mind on nothing else
He’ll trade the

For the good thing he’s found”

– Percy Sledge

If you’re like many women, you’ve read the fairy tales about handsome princes coming to your rescue.  You’ve grown up hoping and believing that you may be lucky and find your own handsome prince.  That age old fairy tale has, in many ways messed you up.  Instead of believing you might be the lucky one, you should be thinking someone may be fortunate enough to find YOU!  This isn’t about ego, it’s about self-worth.

Knowing that you are a “catch”

 I work with so many beautiful, successful women who have been in relationships with men who don’t value what they bring to the table.  And for some reason the women don’t see or value it either.  This course is about owning who you are, and attracting the men who deserve you.  You want that Sexy Bad Boy?Sure, if “Bad” pertains to his taste in music, not how he treats you.  Boring Billy? Of course not.  Yes he’s “safe”, but if he doesn’t step up his game in the passion and interests department, then he’s probably not for you.  Resume Randy?  He looks great on paper, but he doesn’t go out of his way to see you.  That’s a no-no.  This course is also about finding the balance of your basic needs with your passions in a relationship.  Yes, you can do this.   Because just as you are balanced (you aren’t 100% BAD GIRL BETTY or CAREER CARA are you?) there is someone out there who can be balanced too.  This course is also about learning to accept love and adoration.  Allowing love to come to you, not chasing it.   Yes, we will have action items for you. But that’s more about showing the Universe you are ready, practicing your dating skills and having fun exploring the dating scene.

How to Attract + Keep a Good Man: 4-Week Workshop Series


In the Workshops we will:

  • Work on Valuing Yourself
  • Learn How to Avoiding Making the Same Mistakes
  • Discover What Qualities Are Really Important to You in a Partner
  • Reading the Signs He’s Interested
  • Keeping the Relationship Going
  • How To Spot Red Flags, Move Gracefully In Awkward Situations And Avoid Jumping In Too Fast.

 Cost for 4-Week Workshops only  $249

 Level II: How to Attract + Keep a Good Man

4-Week Workshop

Thursday, July 12th

from 7:30pm to 9:30 p.m. in West Hollywood

 There are only (six) spots available

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Julie Rose (310) 916-9576


4-Week Workshop Series Designed to Get You Ready for the Love You Desire + Deserve

“I am ready for love, here with an offering of
My Voice
My Eyes
My Soul
My Mind

Tell me what is enough to prove I am ready for love”

I am ready

-India Arie

Summer is coming soon…where is YOUR Summer Lover? Where is that person you want to enjoy hiking with, watching movies, drinking wine at sunset? Aren’t you ready to share your ambitions, dreams and affections with that special partner? Don’t you want to spend the next few months falling in love?
If your answer is “YES, I want love.” What’s stopping you? You’re an attractive, loving, fun, and ambitious woman. Your friends and family tell you what a catch you are. You feel that you go out of your way to meet new people. Maybe you’ve even found someone. But you still can’t make it work. What the #$%@ is going on?

What if I told you that you have been sabotaging yourself? That you have been repeating the same mistakes or maybe even creating new ones that have been stopping you from being in a loving healthy relationship. Well, its time to stop the madness and clear out the yucky stuff. It’s time to make those changes that will help you attract the kind of exciting, healthy, lustful, spiritually connected love you deserve.

Our Ready for Love: 4-Week Workshop Series will help you push past those emotional blocks, get you into action and even show you how to avoid big love mistakes.

{The Workshops}:

Week 1- The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Taking personal inventory of your love habits

Week 2- Burn, Baby, Burn!: Releasing those blocks that stop you from having a Magical + Meaningful love life

Week 3- Love Potion #9: Action + Attraction. Time to work what ya got!

Week 4- Stupid Crazy Love: So, you’re ready + open. How to spot red flags, move gracefully in awkward situations and avoid jumping in too fast.

The 4-Week Workshop is regularly $499 but being a lover of LOVE, I invite you to join us for the entire series at the

Special Price of $249.
Pay by May 4th and its only $209

Ready for Love: 4 Week Workshop Series will be held in West Hollywood, CA. The program starts on

Thursday, May 10th from 7:00pm to 9:00 p.m.

There are only eight (8) spots available in our Ready for Love 4-week Workshop Series. Prove that you are ready. Join now.


Julie Rose (310) 916-9576

One of the most powerful things you can do to Manifest Your Desires, is to show gratitude. When you are in gratitude mode you are sending out positive vibrations to the Universe. In return you attract things to you on a higher level.
Exercise: What are 5 things in your life that you are thankful for today?

Card of the Night: THE MOON (reversed). There are deceptions & illusions around you right now. Perhaps you are allowing them to happen because they also suit your needs? Be aware that the longer you allow this to go, the farther you stray from your “truth”. It’s quite challenging to live a lie. Move quickly towards THE SUN.

I once heard this comedienne who talked about finding her ideal mate. She went over the list of the man she wanted “He should be tall, be in great shape, make $300k or more, work out every day, be generous, own a big house, likes to travel first class….” The funny part was when she said she looked over the list and realized…”THIS PERSON IS TOO GOOD FOR ME!” (actually, her exact words were, “damn! This mother f&@%er is too good for ME! I need to work on my own s#%^!)

When I talk to people about finding their ideal partner, they often discuss with me the lists they have that detail the kind of qualities this person should have. These lists often go on and on. While I think it is important to know exactly WHAT you want, too often people don’t know WHY they want it. Are you looking for a person to be rich because you feel you could never make much money? Do you want a partner who is in good shape and works out and yet you haven’t seen the inside of a gym since 1998? Are you expecting a person who is in touch with their feelings, but you aren’t very introspective? Yes, opposites attract, but often that means that you too have qualities that the other person desires.

So, an important step in attracting the person you want? BE THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU WANT TO ATTRACT.

Start first by taking a personal inventory. What are the qualities that you most admire about yourself? Having a hard time figuring that out? Write down all ( as many as you can remember) the compliments you have heard people give you. This list will give you a good idea of all the different ways you make an impact on others. Admire that list and tape it up where you can see it everyday! Corny? Perhaps…but sometimes you need a visual reminder of who you are in this world. Next, write down all the accomplishments that you have made, for as long as you remember. Yes, include that 1st place in the spelling bee in 2nd grade. Big or small, you have accomplished these triumphantly and they need to be acknowledged and celebrated AGAIN!

The point of this exercise is to not only clarify what is special about you, but to also get you to REMEMBER why you are so amazing. STEP 1 in Attracting Your Ideal Partner is also about LOVING YOURSELF.

I’m very excited about my upcoming Tarot Manifesting Group. If you were a part of my last one, then you know that in the Manifesting Group, you must clarify what it is you want to change/gain/create. It is important that clients focus on one main thing, as when you put your energy towards a specific issue you will find you will gain better results. For example, you might have issues revolving work, home AND love, but you must determine which is THE MOST IMPORTANT at this time. The beauty of it is, that through working on this issue, you might find that all other aspects of your life have elevated as well. The Universe rewards us when we take action and many times our issues are inter-related.

Each session we do a 3-card Tarot read to determine the energy that week. We do exercises to take each particpant the the next level in their manifesting. I give each person homework “Alignment Assignments” to get them in action in between the days we meet. Group is amazing because they will also be surrounded with other highly motivated women who may also share their knowledge and insight.

Before Group starts each person must think about what they want to manifest. Then they need write down these questions and answer:
1) Why is this issue so important right now?
2) How is this issue affecting my life positively and negatively?
3) What will happen if I don’t do anything to change/improve this issue?(what will my life look & feel like?)
4) What would I like to see happen?
5) How will I feel when I start taking the steps to improve my situation? Elaborate what you will feel when you know that you are doing things to make your overall situation better.

It is important that everyone come to group with clarity on what they feel, what they want and how much energy they are willing to put in to improve & elevate their lives.

This Tarot Manifesting Group is 6 weeks. Over the course of the group we’ve seen participants find love, fix relationships and make big career moves. I’m so excited to see the big changes for this group!

Every week or so, I contribute to my BFF’s Beauty Blog Here is my latest post, ( at the bottom Vanity Girl adds her own beauty tips):

The card picked today was The Empress reversed. When right side up, The Empress can represent creativity, love and fertility. When reversed, it often means that you are going through a phase where you feel a lack of love and are uninspired and lack creativity. It might also mean that in a love relationship there may be cheating. To get over such a phase, I suggest doing what the women in The Holiday, starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, did… find someone in another city/state/country and house switch! You will be amazed to find that when you change scenery, you might just change your life!

While taking this step, it’s a good idea to also switch up your look. Try highlights for a sunnier feel. To go along with the new sassier, sun-kissed feel, add some bronzer to accent the cheeks, rose gold lip gloss, and just a touch of mascara. You will be amazed what you will attract with your new address and look!

Vanity Girl Notes: I can’t help but feel that this look is really epitomized by Jennifer Aniston in the Bounty Hunter. All tanned skin, highlights and bronzy glow.

Bronzer: I still love Nars

Lip Gloss: Bare Escentuals Buxom Line

Mascara: Dior Iconic (I bought it in an airport – London I think – and I’ve been made for it ever since).

What about you? Please weigh in on your favorite bronzer, lip gloss or mascara. And self tanner? I haven’t mastered it, so the organic spay tan administered by Julie at Makeup Mandy would be my choice for a safe sun-kissed glow.

We’ve reached the end of our 6-Week Manifesting Series, so before we take that final step, let’s review your progress.
Week 1-you envisioned and clarified your Dream.
Week 2-planted the seeds and carefully removed doubts.
Week 3-kept your eyes on your prize by making sure your actions were aligned with what you want.
Week 4-built a support team around your dream
Week 5-repeatedly imagined yourself living your dream.
Now in Week 6 you will do what most others never dare to do, you will Claim Your Dream. What does that mean? It means you willl declare ownership of your dream with full confidence. If you have taken the steps, You ARE living that dream. Was your dream that you become a successful writer? You will now declare yourself as one. Envisioned yourself as a person in a happy relationship? Claim it. If saying you are in a happy relationship sounds fake when you aren’t in one yet, simply say, “I am in the PROCESS of attracting a happy loving relationship” because that statement IS true. Being in the process is just as important as it means you are just steps away from getting what you want. Use your words carefully because the Universe will give you what you ask for. Conviction calls your desires and dreams home. Confidence guides them directly to you. Everyday declare who you are to the Universe ALOUD, and you will see how quickly it comes to you.