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Birthday Pic

In my world, Birthdays are such a big deal. Maybe its because I’m both a Leo astrologically and a “3” in numerology which means I’m a double dose (times a thousand) of good times, friends and fun.  So I celebrate ALL MONTH.  Yes, all month.

 But I’ve come across some people who don’t look forward to birthdays (huh?).  Even if its an age thing (yes, getting older can feel daunting) birthdays are a great way to mark new beginnings.  If life has been challenging lately, how about stopping pre birthday, to look at the lessons learned and think about you would like to see for your next year?  What about using your birthday so declare big positive changes and then actually take the action to do them for the next year?  You can do fun things like make each Birthday Year a theme.  The Year of Living Lusciously.  The Year of World Travel.  The Year of Me!

Whatever it is, make it special.  Make it AWESOME.

If you or someone special to you has a birthday coming up a Tarot reading is the perfect gift to give.  Through your special Birthday Tarot Reading you’ll get clarity on what’s been holding you back from having that fabulous life you know you’re meant to be living.  You’ll get insight on lessons of your past year.  You’ll also get to see what kinds of exciting and possibly scary stuff  is in store for you for in this new Birthday cycle.   You will receive a  detailed Tarot Reading Report based on what we have uncovered to use as a guideline and incentive for an incredible new year.


Birthday Gift


Whether for a friend and certainly for you, a Tarot Reading & Coaching Session provides the ultimate gift: Amazing insight and clarity regarding past and current blocks and issues. Most importantly, it provides real tools to harness your unique talents and gifts and pave the road to your immediate future and fully realized destiny.


• 60 Minute Reading & Coaching (in person or via phone)

• Birthday Reading Report . Includes Summaries on each reading – General, Love Life, Career Outlook, Challenges and Strengths, New Birthday Year Out look, as well as Key Points, Action Steps and Strategies.

• Follow Up 2 Questions Tarot by Email 

  • Tired of being alone on Valentines Day?
  • Sick of seeing everyone around you with their perfect partner?
  • Want to be with that person who “gets” all your special quirks?
  • Looking to share your amazing life with that special someone?

Book a Tarot Coaching Session with me and find out where to find your True Love.

I’m offering a SPECIAL VALENTINES SESSION for only $60 for 60 minutes.  Let me help you clarify what you need to do to find that love you deserve.

We will work together to see what blocks you may have that are getting in the way to finding the LOVE you deserve.  I will also work with you to create MOVEMENT towards attracting  your perfect partner.

Call me NOW (310) 916-9576 to book an appointment.

Let Go, Let Love

6-Weeks to Creating the Space to Love

  • Are you lonely for love but haven’t even made an effort to date?
  • Do you stop yourself from meeting potential partners because you’re holding onto the memory of a past love relationship?
  • Has it been a while since you’ve felt emotionally close to someone?
  • Are men not connecting with you because you can’t get out of competitive masculine mode and into your feminine?
  • Have you tried all kinds of self-help books and seminars but still aren’t any closer to finding love?
  • Do you secretly want to give up because you don’t think love is meant to happen for you?

If you find yourself saying “yes” to any of these questions, its time to choose a New Path to finding love.

When you choose to join our Let Go, Let Love 6-Week Program, we will help you release those negative blocks and limiting beliefs and gets you out of your head and into your heart.

Love is felt in our minds, hearts and souls. So why would you limit yourself to working with programs that only help by offering information but don’t teach you the inner tools? Our all encompassing Let Go, Let Love 6-Week Program touches on all aspects of your whole person and gets to the core of your issues around love.

We have an arsenal of tools to use to help you create your Love Map. The Art of Tarot, Guided Imagery techniques, Alignment Assignments, and Sound & Breath work are just a few of the things we are working with to get you to connect to your feminine and open up your pathway for LOVE.

Let Go

Let Love

Release blockages Learn tools and techniques that will help you get more in tune with yourself
Change patterns that set you up for failure Create your Love Map
Release past hurts that inhibit you from creating space for new love Start listening to your intuition and attract the right person for you.
Learn to forgive yourself Get back in touch with your feminine power
Get out of your own way Step out of your head and back in touch with your heart

Take a moment to imagine the next few months of your life. Your Birthday. Special Events. The Holidays. Can you see yourself with a partner?

Do you believe the way you are living your life NOW is getting you closer

to finding the person you are meant to be with?

What will happen if you don’t choose to Let Go, Let Love?

Now imagine yourself free of energy blocks and open to loving again.

  • How will it feel to turn on that light in your heart and be open to love?
  • What will it feel like to have someone special in your life?
  • How will you choose to share your experiences with your new partner?
  • Can you see you & your love traveling, dining, laughing?
  • What can you hear him saying to you?
  • How will your new love look at you?

Love: Feel it. See it. Be it.

Our Let Go, Let Love 6 Week Program combines Body, Mind and Spirit to create a balance in you and your energy around love.

Julie Rose, Tarot Manifesting Coach of Live.Love.Tarot and

Kirsten Korot, Master of Therapeutic Guided Imagery,

Sound Therapist, Wellness and Soul Coach

are working together to bring you back to the space of love.

The 6-Week Program is valued at over $1,800.

Join the group now for the Special Price of $399

*RSVP and complete payment by February 17th

for ONLY $369*

Let Go, Let Love will be in held in a private residence in Venice, CA.

The program starts on Thursday, Feb 24th from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

There are only eight (8) spots available in our 6 week Let Go and Let Love Program

Will YOU be one of those 8 women ready to release and

Let Go of things standing in the way of your being able to Let Love In?


Julie Rose (310) 916-9576 or

Kirsten Korot (310) 309-1564 or


Pay NOW before February 17th for only $369.  CLICK HERE to pay the SPECIAL RATE

Pay in Full  $399 , click on the PayPal link

Make two (2) installment payments of  $199.50.  First payment due by Feb. 24th.  Click on the PayPal Link

Dear Clients,

I am posting a special Thank You for allowing me to work with you through Tarot & Coaching! I hope you have been using any clarity & insights you gained through our Tarot sessions to your advantage.  Removal of “blocks”, consistent actions and self awareness can move you quickly to where you want to be in life.  My sessions are all about empowering you to attracting your best life.

With Thanksgiving coming this weekend, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our lives. We can give thanks to all that we appreciate and then determine how to continue creating even more things in our lives to be grateful for.  This Thanksgiving Weekend I am offering a SPECIAL for anyone who books a session with me from today until November 30th.

60 Minute Tarot Reading & Coaching ONLY $55 (regularly $85)
90 Minute Tarot Reading & bCoaching ONLY $80 (regularly $125)

During this weekend, I will also accept if you choose to split the 90 minute session with a friend.

Sessions can be completed face to face or via phone.*

Take advantage of this special to find out what’s in store for you for the Holidays…CALL ME TODAY (310) 916-9576

Love & Light
Julie Rose

*prospective clients have often wondered if phone sessions are as effective as face to face. In some ways they might be even more effective. When doing a phone session I listen carefully to your words and how you express yourself. I am able to easily pick up your energy without any visual distractions. For each reading I take a photo of the card layout and then email to you to review while I am reading or at your own time.  Most of my ongoing clients are “phone clients” whom I never met.

Last week was the final session for the 6 Week Group. I can’t fully express how amazing the energy of the group has been and how each member brought to the table such vitality, passion, powerful insight and support for one another.

At the end of our session, I asked each member to take a minute to think about where they were with their situation when they started with the group and to really take in the personal revelations, the movement and the changes that happened during this important time frame. Some may have felt that their movements were huge, while others had more work on the internal reality shifts. Just know that Manifesting is a daily and ongoing process. Some were fairly new to taking the reigns of this Manifesting Power while others have been working on their focus and actions for quite some time. The true secrets to having successes with Manifesting Your Desires are:
1) KNOWING what you want
2) being OPEN & PRESENT for guidance
3) taking ACTION, even when you don’t see the rewards right away,
4) being COMMITTED but not ATTACHED (meaning no control freak mentality)
5) allowing yourself to RECIEVE.

If you follow these guidelines, the things you want WILL come to you. And if not exactly, then guess what? Something BETTER. The Universe works with you when you say “THIS or BETTER, because sometimes your own imagination can not dare to dream what the universe has planned for you.

If you haven’t quite gotten there yet, review this list again and see & feel where you might be off target. Not fully listening to guidance? Been a bit irregular about showing up? Taking the actions but having DOUBTS? Trying to control your scenario?

In the last 6 Weeks, I’ve seen everyone in my group make serious shifts, both internally and externally. I’d like to give just a few examples, one a NEWBIE the other a PRO at this Manifesting stuff,

“Serena” who had never been to a manifesting group, or had conscious thoughts around manifesting, first declared she came “to be more disciplined” (which by the way, is never a DESIRE that I will “allow” as it does not come from a passionate place. And True Heart’s Desires are the only ones in which we will send out positive vibrations.)
Anyway, our dear “Serena” a true artist, has been in photography for years, but hadn’t transitioned her amazing work & “hobby” into something lucrative. Well, since group, she has been launching her professional photography business with serious GUSTO. What she used to do for free, she’s now getting paid, including photography gigs with celebrities. She even created her own concept of taking photos in which she is helping business owners, actors/models, etc use their photos as true selling aspects of their business. She’s been so crazy busy with clients and events that I can’t even find time to meet with her to talk about the Seminar she and I plan to hold using our talents and gifts to intuitively and visually improve branding & marketing for businesses.

“Malena” my dear friend who has been practicing the art of conjuring desires for a few years now, came to the group at Week 1 and said she wanted to get over her fear about having what it takes to be an on-camera persona and launch her YOU TUBE channel. Well, being the Maximum Malena that she is, not only got over her fear (quick!) she also partnered with a few online magazines (who, by the way, told her she’s “a natural” on camera) that garner a total of more than 1 million views per month, and became their on camera host and interviewer of all that is amazing & cool in HOLLYWOOD. Infact her first video, filmed several weeks ago, launched this week!

Amazing, right?

So, for those of you who have your Heart’s Desires around Manifesting your Ultimate Career/Business, the next group starts next Tuesday, November 9th 7:00pm. We will have a maximum of 8 women so we have room for a few more. Cost for group is $259 for the 6 Weeks or $219 if you pay in full by November 6th. Call me ASAP for confirmation of your place in group (310) 916-9576 or email me